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Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Current location: Aix-en-Provence
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 16,873

About Me

Moved to France in September of 2018 after buying our apartment in 2017 after the debacle of the election. We're glad to be here, but we continue to be involved with what's happening in the US.

Journal Archives

Some thoughts on BREXIT from Mark Knopfler's brother David

This is a bit of long read, but worth it. And it relates to the same problems that exist in the US. David posted in on Facebook and it has now been shared over 25 times.

By around 2010, no one in human history had ever lived longer, more enviable, happier, or richer lives than those of Western Europeanís... The many wonders of much derided liberal, Social Democracy in action. The hard-Right hates it because it keeps the worst excesses of capitalism caged by regulation; And because it isnít soviet Communism, itís inaccurately dismissed by the hard left as a ďneoliberal project.Ē What it actually is however is democracy in action, dependent on who the peoples of its 28 nation states choose to elect as their MEPs. It has, by and large, chosen to move cautiously but consciously in the direction of their more progressive collective policy decisions and the strength of their vision. At its worst it has generated fall-out, and some failures, and the playing field is still not entirely level in all aspects, but at its best it is the single largest and most successful example of democracy in action ever achieved by humanity.

Meanwhile, the last person on the planet who still thinks 1917 Leninism has something to offer, one Jeremy Corbyn, moronically three line whipped the triggering of Article 50 shortly after the infamous 2016 referendum, allowing the vulture capitalists (who have given steroids to Thatcherism within the Conservative Party) to drive Brexit onto the UKís statutes, where it continues to sit festering, like a bloated, naked, leper-emperor, creating comprehensive chaos out of order because our MPs donít have the courage to take their hats off to facts and revoke it. This grotesque insanity is being window dressed, like lipstick and a tutu on a sickening pig, by disreputable liars as respecting the national interest and the will of the people. Fact check... It is neither such thing, even if we have to concede it was, in a flicker of madness, in June 2016, our majority expression... the fury of the peopleís misdirected anger at terrible Westminster policy, which, by the way, the E.U. almost constantly mitigates against.

We absolutely know what Science, Business, the Unionís and the Arts, as well as every progressive institution on the planet, think of Brexit... Almost without a dissenting voice, they think itís a stinking, steaming mountain of fetid bullshit. That the Right have even co-opted critical elements of our once most beloved BBC, to buy into this collective, destructive hysteria will be something that will be very carefully dissected when the public inquiry into this sh**show finally commences, when sanity once again prevails in our parliament and nationalism is banished back to the history books, written in tears, about Berlin in 1945, where it was ceremonially bombed to nothing but dust and Hitlerís burnt bones along with it. The bitterest of regrets were also buried there... that the good people of Germany had ever been suckered into the seductive lies of reactionary sociopathic madmen who promised the moon and used scapegoats and race to bend others to their twisted will, that of Herr Hitler and his willing executioners, comprehensively dismantling the institutions of the State on the tide of populist dogma they had unleashed. Those regrets were gratefully replaced, after the war, by the phoenix of peace and hope, the dream of progressive moderation, that became the European Union. It functions better when not undermined by the laziness of electorates unwilling to spend five minutes at the voting booth to keep destructive nationalists, like Farage, out of power sending them back underneath the stones from where they have been allowed to slither too easily in these difficult recessionary times.

We can choose to enter a dark age by following deluded egotists, who dream, pied piper like, of advancing their personal power through the triumphs of their infantile will or we can return to the idea that have made the powerhouse of the European Union the remarkable and globally envied work in progress it has become.

We really shouldnít and neednít, even at this critical stage, allow a billionaire plutocrat in Moscow, nor the threatened neo-cons of the neoliberal aspects of the US, define for Europe, nor its member state, the United Kingdom, what best serves the real European or national interest. #RevokeArticle50

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