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GoneOffShore's Journal
GoneOffShore's Journal
April 25, 2020

So, over on Facebook, some member of the DU group there is posting

An Intercept story bashing Biden.

Not only are the trolls here, but unsurprisingly on Facebook as well.

April 18, 2020

Dummies are on the march, demanding their "freedom" to fatally infect you

When Trump cultists and various tea-party types took to the streets in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Kentucky to protest the Covoid-19 lockdowns that are designed to keep us safe, I flashed on some stray lyrics written by virus victim John Prine:

“The dark and distant drumming / The pounding of the hooves… / The coming of the caravan of fools.”

And what fools they are – a subspecies of human known as ignoramus Americanus – parading in their MAGA caps, storming state houses, blocking traffic so badly that an ambulance couldn’t get through (that says it all). This was surely inevitable – given the fact that many Americans insist on the unbridled “freedom” to do whatever they want regardless of the consequences to others; that Fox News on a daily basis pumps sewage into their heads; that a fake president lies and dithers and disrespects science – and we’re likely to see this backlash metastasize.

Melissa Ackinson, a conservative Ohio state Senate candidate, joined the protest in her state capital and brought her 10-year-old son. She denounced her state’s stay-at-home order as government overreach. (Ohio’s governor, who issued the order to safeguard public health, is a Republican.) She said that the order “enrages something inside of you.” She said she has “no fear whatsoever” of getting the virus, and she dismissed it as hype.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

April 16, 2020

Found a piece on Trump and his mob links with the premise that he might be a CI.

Very interesting -

Tracy Keenan Wynn
3 hrs ·
IN THE EARLY 1980s it was decided — by whom, and for what ultimate purpose, we can’t say for sure — that Donald John Trump would build a casino complex in Atlantic City, New Jersey, probably the most mobbed-up municipality in the state. Dealing with the mafia might have dissuaded some developers from pursuing a Boardwalk Empire, but not Trump. He was uniquely suited to forge ahead.

Donald’s father, the Queens real estate developer Fred Trump, had worked closely with Genovese-associated and -owned construction entities since building the Shore Haven development in 1947, when Donald was still in diapers (the first time around). Fred was an early mob adopter, the underworld equivalent of an investor who bought shares of Coca-Cola stock in 1919. The timelines is important to remember here.

Organized crime did not exist in any meaningful way in the United States until Prohibition. Born in 1905, Fred Trump was just two years younger than Meyer Lansky, the gangster who more or less invented money laundering. Thus, Donald Trump is second generation mobbed-up.

When Donald first ventured from Queens to the pizzazzier borough of Manhattan in the seventies, he entered into a joint business deal with “Big” Paul Castellano, head of the Gambino syndicate, and Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, of the Genovese family he knew well through his father and their mutual lawyer Roy Cohn.


This piece was written under the expert guidance of Lincoln’s Bible. If you don’t already do so, please follow her on Twitter, and check out her own mafiya reporting at Citjourno.

I encourage everyone to read the State of New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement investigation report on the allegations against Donald John Trump in the Wayne Barrett book Trump: The Deals and the Downfall.
The late Bob Levinson was the FBI’s best Russian mob fighter. His Ivankov testimony is also essential reading.

— Greg Olear, Substack

April 15, 2020

There's a joke circulating in Germany about stupidity

"What borders on stupidity?"

"Mexico and Canada!"

April 9, 2020

Thoughts on law and justice - Wisdom from the ages

If every lawyer, judge, and legislator heeded the words on the walls of the Harvard Law School we wouldn't be in the mess we're in - Let's start -
“An unjust law is no law at all.”
Saint Augustine (Augustine of Hippo) (November 13, 354 – August 28, 430)

Magna Carta of King John, A.D. 1215

“To no one will We sell, to none will We deny or defer, right or justice.”


April 8, 2020

Has anyone looked at the air traffic worldwide today?


Look at the difference between the number of flights over the US and over Europe.

Note that a lot of planes in the air over Europe are either FEDEX, UPS, DHL, and private with a few major carriers. Then look at flights over the US.

I think the US is fucked.
April 5, 2020

Found on Facebook from someone in the UK with a Masters in Disease Control

Some translation may be in order -
'spoons is Wetherspoons - a chain of cheap ass pubs run by a right wing Brexit shithead who kept the pubs open until the last possible moment.

Jane Raison

Yesterday at 00:46 ·

As someone with a Masters in disease control, you can only imagine the sheer hell on earth that Facebook is for me at the moment.

From Chantelle who has impressively made the leap from bath bomb retailer to consultant virologist in a matter of weeks and can tell you exactly why the government and their experts are wrong, to Bob who claims to have secret intel from a secret government group on the secret programme of secret treatment measures that the government are definitely bringing in at 3pm next Thursday, only it’s a secret, but he’s posting it on Facebook so he feels like 007, to Steve who thinks it’s all a load of bollocks and if he wants to wander round town he bloody well can and why the fuck is ‘spoons shut cos his granddad didn’t fight the Nazis for him to be told to stay inside even if PornHub premium is now free for a week.

I tried as hard as I could in my studies and in my work in disease control to avoid viruses like the plague (see what I did there?) because they are absolute bastards. Bacteria are so much easier to control and parasites are positively dreamy. Viruses are utter bastards (did I mention that?) because you can do almost fuck all to them. To deal with viruses you have to deal with the viral vector instead. That’s the weak point for a virus. Its vector. Only in this case the vector is humans, bloody stupid, arsehole humans like Chantelle, Bob and Steve. Viral control is about psychology more than it’s about medicine and that’s what’s scary about it. Giving everyone a pill is easy, getting everyone to listen and change their behaviour is a fucking nightmare.

The virus is just chugging along being a virus, it’s living its best life #livelaughcough. You can’t ignore it out of existence, scaremonger it away or become magically immune by gargling with vinegar, donning a decorating mask or sticking a live frog up your arse and swanning round town like an immortal dickhead. You have to actually do what you’re being told to do. YOU.

YOU. You can stop it. Do what you’re told. Stay the fuck inside. Stop thinking you’re an expert, stop thinking you know best, stop thinking you’re a rebel, stop trying to be a special little cupcake. Be a sheeple. Do what you’ve been asked to do. This is NOT your time to shine sweet cheeks, this isn’t your opportunity to over throw the system and save mankind. It’s your opportunity to sit tight, watch Netflix and save mankind.

The virus does not give a shit about you. You’re just a stepping stone, a host, a nameless, faceless breeding ground and launchpad. All it gives a shit about is reproducing and finding new hosts. Don’t let it. Break the chain. Shut the hell up. Stop spreading fake news, fear and gossip. Let the experts be the experts and do what they tell you because all the googling, all the conspiracy theories, all the spoilt princess routines and all the voodoo bullshit in the world is not going to help you one little bit. This is not about YOUR ego, it’s about OUR survival. So act for the good of us all and do what you’re being asked to do.

Stay inside, protect the NHS, save lives.
April 1, 2020

Viral Load and flattening the curve from the UK

Forwarded to me from a nurse who is working on the 'front lines'

This is from my friend very high up in NHS
Look at this ..
This is important!

Might explain why some get COV19 mildly and recover fast whereas some Drs and nurses treating it in hospital die of it:
I didn't write this, another Doctor did:

Why do we need to shut places where people group?
There will be a lot about this. Why is it important?

With this virus, the amount of virus in your blood at first infection directly relates to the severity of the illness you will suffer. This isn’t unusual - HIV management is all about reducing viral load to keep people alive longer. BUT it’s very important in COVID-19.
So if you are in, say, a pub or religious building or entertainment venue with 200 people and a large number don’t have symptoms but are shedding, you are breathing in lots of droplets per minute and absorbing a high load of the virus. In a crowded space. They become ill over the next 48 hours. You then three days later wonder why you can’t breathe and end up in hospital. You’d decided because you were young and healthy it wasn’t going to be a problem.


Fortunately but unfortunately because the elderly are isolating quite well, the initial UK data suggests that all age groups above 20 are almost equally represented in ITUs in England. Most of the cases are in London but the wave is moving outwards.
This means that being under 60 and fit and well doesn’t seem to be as protective as we thought.
Viral load.

This may be skewed simply by the fact that too many Londoners didn’t do as asked and congregated in large groups in confined spaces and got a large initial viral load. They then went home and infected their wider families. Which is why, as London is overwhelmed, we need to shut everything down to save the rest of the UK. We are a week at most behind London.

Our sympathies go out to the families affected in London and the critical care teams battling right now to save as many as they can.
If I sit with one person and catch this virus, I get a small viral load. My immune system will start to fight it and by the time the virus starts replicating, I’m ready to kill it.

No medicines will help this process meaningfully hence there is no “cure” for this virus. All we can do is support you with a ventilator and hope your immune system can catch up fast enough.
If I sit in the same room with six people, all shedding I get six times the initial dose. The rise in viral load is faster than my immune system can cope with and it is overrun. I then become critically ill and need me (or an ITU/HDU specialist) to fix it instead of just being at home and being ok in the end.


If you are a large family group, remember that by being ill and in the same room, you will make each other ill or “more ill”. If you get sick, isolate just yourself to one room and stay there. Don’t all sit in one room coughing. You will increase the viral load for all of you, reducing your survival rate.
A family of six people may produce double the droplets of a family of three in the same space. Maths is important.
If one of you is symptomatic, assume you are all shedding and make sure you keep some space.
Parents are getting it from their kids because no one is going to stop comforting their child (nor should they) so the parent gets a big hit as well as the child. I don’t think that can be helped.


It could save your life or your child’s.

Britain, it’s up to you now. We are preparing for the worst but we are hoping for the best from you. Please help us to help you. Stay home and take this seriously now before we need the army on the streets to remind you. Yes I’m serious.
#flattenthecurve #stayathome

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