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Profile Information

Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Current location: Aix-en-Provence
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 16,873

About Me

Moved to France in September of 2018 after buying our apartment in 2017 after the debacle of the election. We're glad to be here, but we continue to be involved with what's happening in the US.

Journal Archives

Mike Pence has been residing in public housing for the past eight years and is now homeless!

From the Independent - This made me laugh.

Former vice president Mike Pence, who was thrust into the spotlight during the last days of Donald Trump’s presidency, does not have a permanent place to live in since leaving his official residence at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, according to reports.

Though in his farewell address Mr Pence announced moving back to his home state Indiana in summer, he offered no details on the specifics of where he would move with his wife, Karen Pence. And now, the former second couple is “couch-surfing" at the residences of various officials in Indiana, reported Business Insider.

A source told the news portal, that the Pences are staying at a cabin that Indiana governor, Eric Holcomb, uses as a retreat, while two republicans close to the former vice-president said that Mr Pence and his wife were staying at Pence’s brother’s place in Columbus.

Mr Pence, who grew up in Columbus, hasn't owned an Indiana home for at least the past eight years, reported Associated Press. Elected as Indiana Congressman from 2001 to 2013, and the governor of the state from 2013 to 2017, Mr Pence lived at the Indiana governor's residence in Indianapolis before moving to the vice presidential residence on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory in Washington in 2017.

Pence's are couch surfing!

I like this! I like this a lot.

My dream of Nosferatu Ghouliani living out the remainder of his miserable existence in a leaky refrigerator carton on top of a steam vent in front of 721–725 Fifth Avenue or Gracie Mansion is coming closer to reality.
And it makes my slightly psychotic raccoon spirit animal very happy!

I would post the gif, but can't because DU.... reasons.
It's okay though.

Cab rides on model trains -

So, to get away from Facebook fruitcakes and Quora qwazies I stumbled across Pilentum and World of Railways on YouTube.

Model train layouts that you wish you could have!

Cab ride on Mr Porsche's train layout

And this from an English modeler

Amazingly relaxing.

Pretend It's A City - Fran Leibowitz and Martin Scorsese - Too much fun.

One of the best things I've seen in a long time.

Two smart people talking.

Plus there's a segment where Spike Lee is interviewing her, re-asks a somewhat impertinent question after she had already answered him and she metaphorically smacks him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.


So tired of the phrase 'God bless America' - I would like to see it replaced with

'Long live the Republic!'

But then I'm a cranky lapsed Unitarian.

Woman in Philly Chases Men Posting New Jersey European Heritage Association Fliers

This video was taken January 12, 2021, across from Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History. The New Jersey European Heritage Association is described by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist group.

The Nazi's are identified in the YouTube comments.

Philadelphia represents!

pmurT's Last Day by the inimitable Jonathan Pie -

aka Tom Walker - the scourge of cant and stupidity.

Twenty-three and a half hours.

43 hours or 2631 minutes or 157880 seconds

As of 10:31 CET - 18 Jan 2021

While the US is trying to rid itself of the cancer of pmurT, Brexit is causing heartache.

Paul Taylor is an English comedian who started a YouTube channel several years ago: What The Fuck France!
He's funny, he's perceptive, he's bi-lingual, and he's married to a French woman.
They have a child, Louise.
This is his audio letter to her on the day that England(no longer Great Britain) left the EU.
I cried.

Posted by GoneOffShore | Sun Jan 3, 2021, 05:02 PM (1 replies)
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