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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,501

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You've got to hand it to The French…

Tony, Tony, Tony…

The problem isn't just guns

It's VIOLENT people with guns and what those guns are designed to do.

This problem can't be solved with just one fix, it requires a comprehensive solution to a complex problem.

Deal with the violence, deal with guns that in the hands of the wrong people, deal with the sheer amount of weapons that have flooded our streets and deal with they types of weapons that only have a purpose to cause mass and frequent casualties.

People, capacity, volume and violence.

We need the right formula for this problem.

Is this guy happy to finally be who he was meant to be, or what?

No story, just this link with the pic.


I need a bath

I just accidentally stopped by the scummiest site on the Net, The Daily fucking Caller, and it's all full tilt smear-city about Bob Menendez.

Jeezus fucking Keryst on a trailer hitch.

And the readers are all complete assholes too. Yesterday, here on DU, there's a thread that reported on the Hedgehog, Ron Jeremy and his near fatal heart illness. All the DUers who posted,
wrote well wishes to the beloved Porn Hall of Famer.

On the Daily scum bucket Caller, all the commenters indicated that they wished he died.

Don't ever tell me that Right Wingers are good people… Or even fucking normal. Because in just about every instance I've seen, whenever anyone ever takes the time to express a right wing opinion, it's just another excuse for that person to act like an asshole.

Fuck you, Right Wingers. Wherever you are.

Well, I guess that you won't be listening to me either…


Are these the droids you're looking for?

Yep, that's about right…


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