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Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Scorpio's Journal
Mr. Scorpio's Journal
March 2, 2016

President Obama's term of office has made one thing terribly clear about today's Republicans...

And that is that they REALLY-REALLY hate Hawaiians.

Here we have our first Hawaiian president and they've always treated him like he wasn't even born in America. Hawaii is a US state, gawddamit. It's as American as Poi and Loco Coco with Malasadas for dessert, all washed down with a tall glass of Okolehao.

And he's hard working and deserves some vacation time now and again. Yet, whenever he travels back to this home state from time-to-time, as he's entitled to, and enjoys a shaved ice, as would any other loyal American, they treat him as if he had committed some sort of crime.

For shame on the Republicans, for shame. Mmmm, that shaved ice sure looks good.

And just to show how much of a great American he is, President Obama body surfs. He's pretty much the best basher that has ever inhabited the White House. Sliding across the waves, as he did in his youth. You never lose those skills, that's for sure.

Let's see any of those pasty white, bennies in Washington DC look this cool on a wave.


So, if you're like me for the past seven years, you've been appalled at the GOP's atrocious anti-Hawaiian bias. It's a travesty in this day and age to treat a fellow American as if he was born in Canada or had a Cuban daddy, or some such thing. We need to give our Hawaiian brothers and sisters more respect, ya think?

I can only admire how he's handled their anti-Hawaiian treatment against him in stride. Me, on the other hand, coming from Detroit, I would be all too tempted to tell those RWNJ motherfuckers to kiss my black ‘Ōkole. But he's really a laid back guy, as most Hawaiians are wont to be. So when the history is written, after he bids a final aloha to the Oval Office, I'm sure that the historians will remark about how well he stayed cool under pressure and refused to give us any drama, despite what the GOPers wanted.

He's going to be walking out of there in January, telling all of those barnwallers to Hang Loose, after showing us all how a native-born Hawaiian got shit done.

I'm going to miss him, that's for sure.

Aloha kakahiaka, everybody!
March 2, 2016

My blood pressure is NOT going through the roof right now

No Republicans or talking heads on my TV, baby!

The motherfucker is OFF!

Long Live The Fighters!

February 27, 2016

Nick Drake - Saturday Sun

February 27, 2016

De La Soul - Saturdays

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