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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,512

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Covfefe, you dilettantes!

The End Is Nigh!

MacArthur Park - Because, why not?

Cheetolini wouldn't be in this predicament if he shook hands like a normal person...

I can never get too much of this.


Let's Celebrate!

It's the halfway point of Trump's presidency today.

Just a little more ways to go. Hang in there, y'all!


MSNBC can kiss my ass if he goes...

L.O. is my favorite show.


Tell me that I don't have anything to worry about.

Getting awfully close to the "It's OK for the Prez to eat a live baby if he wants to" territory

I take it that Congressional GOPrs are going to sit on their hands for this thing that's apparently way worse than the thing that they've investigated Hillary Clinton for


What are you good at selling?

So Trump believed that Democrats would be OK with his firing of Comey over his investigation of Hill

Even when the FBI is in the midst of investigating Trump and his campaign over Russia.

If anything, this is a sure sign of Trump's overall opinion of Dems, in that he's believing that we're just as scumbaggy as he is.

But not ONE Democrat is taking that bait. All of them are saying that the "Hillary investigation" excuse is nothing more than a scam and the most vocal ones are telling everyone that this is a huge cover up of Trump. He's in Nixon Territory now, and we all know what happened to Tricky Dick.

This is why we need to retake BOTH HOUSES of Congress, to hold this crooked, incompetent president, who holds our democracy in utter contempt, responsible for his actions. This is a constitutional crisis and Republicans are sitting on their hands.

History will NOT be kind to them.


"Alan Dershowitz?!?"

For FBI Director?!?

What are you smoking, Greta?

What the fuck?!?

This shit is way worse than Nixon.

The clock is ticking on Trump's presidency.

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