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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,515

Journal Archives

SOTU Twitter Memes!


We ought to do a flub count pool for Cheetolinis SOTU

You know, when he messes up something that he reads and then proceeds to act if he meant to say that.

Pick a range and post your exact number, winner gets a no-prize.

Im gonna watch...

My home is also free of Crown Royal just for the night.

The sacrifices that I make....

If Cheetolini is still in office after the Blue Wave hands Congress back to the Democrats

I say that for the 2019 SOTU, they should wall off the well of the House and make Trump fight a lion.

Hell, make his entire family and cabinet fight lions. Woo-wee!

Bread and Circuses, baby. Bread and Circuses. Besides, Congress is being run by clowns as we speak, right?

It's tough out there for a kitty

Oprah Saves The Bees

Advanced Translation Guide: American vs. British:

Da Horrah.

"Can I eat it?"

That right there is a modern rat masterpiece

An Original Darius.
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