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Mr. Scorpio

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The hardest thing about driving 150mph is keeping the martini in the glass...

Needless to say...

The Trumphumpers and mouth-pieces have been telling us that "collusion isn't a crime."

Except for one thing, "collusion" as they call it, isn't Trump's true problem... It's more like something that they've made up. A bogey man for the rubes to throw rotten oranges at.

So, what are his real problems?

Well, there's money laundering, there's conspiracy to commit violations of campaign financing laws, there's perjury, there's conspiracy to obstruct justice, there's all the political faux pas that he's committed, his lies about everything, his incompetence, his violations of the Emoluments Clause, his attacks on the free press, there's his violations of international asylum laws, his contempt for our courts, his contempt for our allies and his deference to our adversaries, his unwillingness to protect our national interests, his use of public office to benefit his own private interests, his abuse of power, and the fact that he's a fucking asshole.

"Collusion," if anything is the least of his problems. However, that won't stop him and his cult from using it as a deflection. Everything he says is a deflection, a straw man that only he can see. He's notorious for running away from the things that he's scared about. Although most people are aware of the things he blurts out, it's the things that we're all aware of that he never addresses that points to the keys to his downfall.

He's screams about Mueller because he has his cult running Congress right now. If and when we take that away from him, you can best believe that he'll put Mueller out of his mind.

He hasn't really mentioned the prospect of losing a compliant, GOPr controlled Congress because that, above all other things, scares the shit out of him.

Cohen scares the hit out of him.

Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall scares the shit out of him.

Exposing where he got his money and how much he actually has scares the shit out him.

His tax returns revealed scares the shit out of him.

Not getting any adulation or recognition for his self-delusions really scares the shit out of him.

His own emptiness as a human being scares the shit out him.

He's a frightened, little man... "Collusion," is like his flopsy bunny that he holds on to while he's sucking his thumb on his way to sleeping at night.

So don't mind "collusion," there are better fish to fry.

Life or not?

Love and caring...


Just in case you're keeping score...


Oh, please, Ted


Yeah... Fuck Jill Stein.


I mistakenly posted something here that I should have posted in GD... Edited:

"I'm going to need those TPS reports..."

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