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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
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Yeah, he didn't look too happy...


It's SHOWTIME, everybody! Tune in!


Just a thought...


Every single fucking day...


Bob Mueller was very clear...


Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 28/05/19

Jesse Williams: “We know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.”


Alabama 4Channer With Body Armor Guns Down Three Police Officers

A man in Alabama recently reminded us once again that the most lethal threat to police lives comes from the far right.

By David Neiwert

While protesting Black Lives Matter activists and the FBI’s “black identity extremists” remain popular bogeymen in the eyes of law-and-order conservatives, a man in Alabama recently reminded us once again that, in fact, the most lethal threat to police lives from a radical terrorist element in the United States comes from the white far right.

Three police officers were shot, one of them fatally, when they responded to a domestic disturbance call in Auburn on Sunday night. The man arrested shortly afterward, it soon emerged—Grady Wayne Wilkes, 29, a veteran from Auburn—was fond of posting memes from the alt-right online gathering spot 4chan, most of them mock humor about guns, white nationalist trolling signals, and encouragement for Proud Boys-style violence against left-wing protesters, who he described as “leftist scum.”


Perspective is everything...

"Let me in, Francine! Joey's gone nuts, talking to a ghost in the chair!"

If you got this in the UK, I have an idea what you can do with it...


LONDON - (AP) -- Pro-Brexit British politician Nigel Farage was hit with a milkshake while campaigning in the European Parliament election on Monday -- the latest in a spate of attacks on politicians with the sticky beverages.

Farage was left with milkshake dripping down his lapels during a walkabout in Newcastle, northeast England. Police said a 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Paul Crowther, who was detained in handcuffs at the scene, said he threw the banana-and-salted caramel Five Guys shake to protest Farage's "bile and racism."

About the "unborn."

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