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Mr. Scorpio

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Victory is yours...

Right out of the woodwork they come...


Although I can tell you what's wrong with Republicans with a high degree of certainty...

When I comes to criticizing Democrats, I have a lot of difficulty with it. Itís not because I agree with everything Democrats do, far from it. Iím way more of a far left wing type than the center left direction of the party. However, given what limited knowledge that I have of government function, in that I know just enough to know that I donít know everything, as far as how Democrats perform whenever theyíre in power, I do my best to accept their signature pragmatic approach.

As they say, you canít always get what you want. But if you try some time, you just might find that you get what you need.

Now, suffice it to say, thereís an entire cottage industry of people who go out of their way to attack Democrats from the left. And given my own far left beliefs, I should be sympathetic to their concerns. However, I canít do that. Mostly because these same people neglect to take into account the fact that Republican Party politics and policies are always relevant, even when theyíre not in power.

We didnít get into these pickles solely because of Democrats. We are where we are today as a response of how the Republicans got us here. And we canít just reverse course and ratchet everything back to the left on a dime, as some of these far left types are wont to demand of Democrats. Only because, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

Which brings me to another point: Iím not sure that these same people who always make a point of criticizing Democrats really want better outcomes. Personally, I think that their holier-than-thou shtick is nothing more than self-promotion at the expense of Democrats doing whatever they can to keep the Republican damaged government from collapsing in on itself at any given time. It comes down to creating unnecessary conflict, completely ignoring context, disregarding the Republicans completely, and just going out of their way to be miserable pricks. Like this asshole right here:


These people are are not trying to be helpful to Democrats at all. Theyíre unrealistic people who have no idea of getting to far left government outcomes through Democratic Party governance. Theyíre not interested at all in that. All they want to do is whore for attention and throw eggs.

They make it hard to offer constructive criticism for Democrats, because the very last thing that these people are is constructive. Theyíre destructive instead.

Frankly, Iím sick of this BS every single time Democrats take power. You never see these same critics harassing Republicans whenever theyíre running the country into the ground. But instead, whenever Democrats get back on top and are faced with a sincere desire to achieve basic goals, managing Republican created crises and accounting for a universally hostile and ungrateful electorate, they all have to deal with these useless, far left opportunists.

Me, Iíve never wanted to spend this time accounting for far left purists, all jockeying for the next great nonsensical rhetorical attack on Democrats, after dealing with the Radical RWNJs.

Itís too freaking tiresome.

Don't judge a cover by its book.

Happy... Uh, Thanksgiving?

The Show Is UP!


It's Show Day today!


Hamster Rave

Welcome to the 2020 edition of ASK MrScorpio

For the first time in many long years Iím bringing back one of my signature games.

Ask MrScorpio is not a trivia game, itís more like an advice column. So please, no guessing games, because this isnít a challenge to my knowledge about anything.

If you decide to go the quiz show route, I guarantee that youíll be disappointed. Iím not a walking encyclopedia.

Just ask me a question and Iíll do my best to answer it. If you have a problem, Iíll do my best to help out.

Iíve been out all day and Iím about to hit the sack. So please post your questions and I will get to each and every one of them once I wake up and sign back on.

Just to let you know, garbage in, garbage out. My responses will be tailored to your individual questions, all in the spirt of fun. Since this is all in good fun, thatís just the spirit Iím trying to relay.

So, hit me up with whatever you got and Iíll get back to you on the other side.

Letís have some fun. See you later.

Be on the lookout for a special post by me later on.

You donít want to miss it.

Take care.
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