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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
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I hate to be the one to say this...

But once Trump is kicked to the curb, I seriously doubt that he’ll see a day behind bars.

Whether he’ll go into exile or will face prosecution for his crimes, I doubt that he’ll see the inside of a prison.

His kids? Oh... They’re all hosed, but Trump himself, there’s a handful of reasons why he won’t wear an orange jumpsuit.

I would love to see him perpwalked into a federal pokey some day, but I’m not holding my breath that it will ever happen.

This is America, and mediocre white men with money, influence and positional power all benefit from a system of so-called justice that goes out of its way to work in their behalf.

One of life's greatest mysteries finally resolved with photographic evidence...

It sparkles...

You all know what's coming, right?

The police in this country are completely out of control.


Attica Scott, the lawmaker behind ‘Breonna’s Law,’ arrested at Louisville protest

Kentucky Democratic State Representative Attica Scott AP

The Kentucky lawmaker who co-authored “Breonna’s Law” has been charged with felony rioting after being arrested alongside her daughter at Breonna Taylor protests in Louisville.

Democratic Rep. Attica Scott, 48, and her daughter Ashanti were among 24 arrested Thursday night after a stand-off between police and protesters seeking shelter in a downtown church, according to WFPL News.

The First Unitarian Church had opened its doors as a safe haven to protesters who would otherwise be arrested for breaking a 9 p.m. police curfew.

“Is that Attica Scott?” shocked onlookers had called out as the handcuffed lawmaker was led into the back of a police van.

“We love you!” others cried out, according to video from one of the station’s reporters.

The protesters had smashed windows and started fires across downtown Lousiville, including trashing a public library, police said. The force did not go into detail the exact accusations against the representative.

Choose your side...

Fall is here

My most favoritest time of the year.

Yeah, Mitt Romney can kiss my Black ass

Does anyone need me to elaborate?

Seriously, how long have been warning y'all that Republicans are scum?

When have I ever been wrong?

I really hate Republicans.

Yes, it could have been more awkward...

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