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Mr. Scorpio

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 73,515

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It's 2:52PM in Harrison Township, MI... Time for another installment of ASK MR. SCORPIO!!!

As Santa makes his merry way around the world to gift good little boys, girls and non-binary persons with various Playstations and assorted swag for accessorizing Tik-Tok videos, I figured that it's about time to add to the seasonal festivities by doing a long awaited ASK MR. SCORPIO installment. I hope that you'll join in for the fun stuff.

If you're not familiar with ASK Mr. SCORPIO, please understand that this isn't a trivia contest. If you want that, please watch Jeopardy instead.

If you do decide to go the quiz show route, I guarantee that youíll be disappointed. Iím not a walking encyclopedia. This is more like an advice column. So please, no guessing games, because this isnít a challenge to my knowledge about anything.

Iíve been up all night and out for a good part of the day, so Iím about to hit the sack. So please post your questions and I will get to each and every one of them once I wake up and sign back on.

Just to let you know, garbage in, garbage out. Again, my responses will be tailored to your individual questions, all in the spirt of fun. Since this is all in good fun, thatís just the spirit Iím trying to relay.

So, hit me up with whatever you got and Iíll get back to you on the other side.

Letís have some fun. See you later tonight.

Happy Holidays!

If you don't mind, I'd love too share with you one of my favorite videos of all time...

I'd like to have a conversation, if you don't mind...

I'm only posting this here because there isn't a corresponding sub-forum for what's on my mind, I looked.

Actually, there is one, but I'm not sure that it's appropriate for me to enter that space with this concern.

Either way, it's about me. Moreover, it's about perceptions about me by others.

So, if you don't want to be bothered, I understand. However, I'd be willing to take it to DU Mail, if that's a preference.

I'm serious.

It's MacArthur Park time once again...

Today is SHOW DAY, Y'all!


Feliz Dia Del Pavo.


Next year, should I replace Halloween with 31 days of Octobert?

Hey. everybody...

I'm here to tell you all that Bill Gates created COVID for the ghost of Hugo Chavez...

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