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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 257,567

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo for that analysis.. ".. Ruthless cuts.. "? Would

whomever like to explain why they categorized them as "Ruthless"!?

"A portion of the convention devoted to the climate crisis will feature young activists."

But it won't be a certain group who likes to tear Down Dems with their gaslighting.

Putin's not as smart as he thinks he is.. trump's

puppeteer should have told him to follow protocol and nip it in the bud.

But trump went down the "HOAX" path.. of course.. his own worst enemy.

TY MeidasTouch!!!

Actually I was told trumPutin called it a "democrat hoax" for

70 days while he carted around the fucking golf course & staged hatefest rallies. There's video.

Tweet reply.. ".. they don't care about him.. "


This is really good news that I think many

of us can use right Now!

Whatever the odds were before, they can only improve by bringing in the big guns of Michelle and Barack Obama, who America still loves very much.

Mahalo to the Obamas & you, Nd!

The magats offer up this Gaffer..


@kanye Yeah, you're not too Obvious or anything.. That you think

being a RF Puppet to Putin's Hideous Puppet is Cool SHIT.

I hope not! OT but I had

a little experience today on the street.

I was walking to the Post Office on a main street here and there was this guy with a BULLhorn talking to traffic & me.. 'cause I was about the only one walking.

He had an English accent and he kept repeating.. ".. They're Lying to you.. COVID is no worse than the Flu.."

I passed him & then turned back to face him with my mask pulled down and said.. "BULLSHIT".

lol.. he just ignored me & kept on keeping on with his BULLhorn. When I was in the PO I heard him loud & clear again.. he was moving up & down the street.

I'd say this guy was obsessed with getting his message out.. "that we're all being lied to and we shouldn't be taking it so seriously."

WOW.. Mahalo for that from Nicole W, she! I've read

about this on DU but have never actually seen him say it. I can take it like this with commentators pointing out he's having trouble getting through the words.

I really like that "Hoax" one, too.. from the Brothers Miedas.. we're always saying ".. trump is the Hoax".. & ".. the Virus.. " like Nancy says!


ASSFACE! LOL.. HOAX.. Big Arrow pointing at


trump is ALL HOAX! he can't help twisting his mouth into an ASSHOLE

TY MeidasTouch!!! & Sooth
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