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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,373

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Everyone is suppose to suck up whatever version G-S comes up with.. just like they do.. OR..

we shouldn't be able to "sleep at night".. Rofl

"The Edward Snowden Documentary Accidentally Exposes His Lies"

"Snowden’s leaks aren’t primarily aimed at returning transparency or triggering a public debate; they are about creating his preferred policy outcomes, outcomes that usually involve a weaker state. This becomes even more apparent as Greenwald explains how he intends not only to release information about government programs, but present it in as “brutal” and alarmist a light as possible. The leaks were aimed not just to inform, but to frighten."

"..The implication is that Snowden has been targeted and persecuted by the government because he is a dissenter. This is false. Snowden is a dissenter, but he is also a law-breaker. And the latter is the reason he has been targeted. There are a host of journalists, pundits, and commentators who share Snowden’s views, and they are all dissenters. But as far as I know, journalist Conor Friedersdorf and anchor Piers Morgan do not fear arrest."

They're always trying to make Ed out to be a big whiny victim hiding over there in Russia behind Putin's shield.. whining about the USA and other countries but not a damn thing about the Dic Putin.. guess Ed's not stupid.

"But what comes after is a tale of narcissism and cowardice. Egged on by Greenwald and Guardian journalist Ewen MacAskill, who constantly ask him when he will “go public,” and a WikiLeaks community eager to hold him up as a banner of resistance, Snowden develops a world-historical view of himself and a twisted understanding of what constitutes bravery. Suddenly, and without explanation, keeping Snowden out of the reach of the American government becomes an issue of paramount importance. “Fuck the skulking!” declares Snowden, while Greenwald urges him to “feel the power” of their bold stand against oppression. Shortly thereafter, Snowden practices hiding under a green umbrella and sneaks onto a flight for Russia."

"The movie also unmasks Snowden as a liar desperate to return to Americans’ good graces." Good.. because that's what he is.

"Snowden is clearly trying to rehabilitate his image as a patriot. But Snowden is not a patriot, and he might be better off simply trying to get his story straight."

Janey http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025714352

If it's not a Koch blowing monie$$$ up his way then why bother, eh?

ol mitch must be thinking.. it's better to keep his mouth shut and have people think you're stupid then debate Alison Grimes and have it confirmed.

mahalo kpete

Good look on the cat, Dinah~ Mahalo..

Ohhhh Cali.. I'm so sorry

this happened.. whatever it is.

Take care of yourself.. sending healing thoughts to you.

Like this, herding cats? :(

Yeah, they Excel in trying to change the subject.. you know them by their distractions.. "NSA" "NSA"

"The Republican Agenda"..


Yeah, it's sooooo hard to tell the "Rs from the Ds"

It's the GMOs who want to confuse by not labeling.. they're scared or they wouldn't try to keep

people in the dark.

I hope the voters in Oregon & Colorado are smarter than GMO's $$$$.. Done in Connecticut..

Connecticut Becomes the First State to Require GMO Labeling

"The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, spoke outside of the organic restaurant, Catch a Healthy Habit, imploring others to consider joining the cause. “I am proud that leaders from each of the legislative caucuses can come together to make our state the first in the nation to require labeling of GMO’s,” said Malloy in Fairfield’s Daily Voice. “The end result is a law that shows our commitment to consumers’ right to know while catalyzing other states to take similar action.” -

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