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Oh yeah!


Malarkey was also made famous in the way back machine

to 2012 when he busted Paul Ryan's Bullshit.

Winning is Never out of date.

The vid is posted here.. Thank you, Goth!


Biden on Gov Steve Bullock..


Thank you, hpd!

Biden adds that it isn't just about electability, that his policies ARE progressive, but they're progressive and realistic.

"To be fair.." Nancy advised candidates to campaign on ACA..

and not talk about trump..

Amanpour interviews Congressman-elect Tom Malinowski (D flipped seat that was R since '81)


I want to play something that maybe speaker, certainly Leader Pelosi said to me in September because a lot of people said well you know what, the Democrats don't really have a message to complete with Make America Great Again.

There's no slogan, there's no clear strategy but this is where she laid out in September.

What we're about in our campaign is that we are for the people, for lower health care costs, lowering prescription drug prices.

We're for raising pay checks, lowering healthcare costs, increasing paychecks by building the infrastructure of America and for cleaning up government to make sure people understand that the people's interest, not the special interests are served here in the United States Capitol.

So there she was laying out a strategy and one that clearly is a winning strategy

I think until the very end, this campaign was mostly run on health care, it was run on protecting kids from gun violence, building infrastructure in my state, in New Jersey.

I think the last couple of weeks I think Trump inserted himself into the campaign in ways that were terrible for the country but also bad for his party.

It was fear, demonization and conspiracy theories and in a district like mine, that did not play well, especially after the shootings in the Pittsburgh synagogue because we could link, very clearly, the president's words to one of the worst acts of violence, religious violence, hateful violence in American history and our positive message on practical issues like healthcare, infrastructure, gun violence, the economy, contrasted with fear, was very advantageous for us.




I knew I recognized his name so

I googled and sure enough.. he writes mystery novels for one thing.. and that's the genre I love.

I love that Biden is

doing the Bus journey through Iowa

Thank you, TexasT!

Thank you for this, Tweet, Goth!

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