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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"For perspective: Bernie won New Hampshire by 22 points and six delegates. Hillary won South

Carolina by 47 points and 25 delegates. Not even the mainstream media could spin this as a "virtual tie." Nor even can Bernie's campaign spin this as merely a "decisive victory." This was, to quote CNN's John King, a thrashing."

Thank you, Chichiri!

Oh bull.. if they had backed bernie you'd forget all about that Newspapers happen to be inc.

Inc or not they exactly have it right about sanders.. ".. fallen short.."

In contrast, the editorial board called Sen. Bernie Sanders

(I-Vt.) a “polarizing” figure who “has fallen short on just how he would accomplish his political revolution.”

Clinton, however, “proposes changes that are less sexy but more realistic.”

Endorsement: Hillary Clinton, who's both visionary and realistic

She shows the patience and discipline to work with opponents toward progress.

Hillary is the best one for POTUS. "visionary and realistic"

Oh, do you have a sad because Hillary Clinton won every single county in South Carolina

and the huge majority of the Black Vote in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada! And, the Latino Vote in Nevada!!?

That's too bad.. most people know she'll have their backs. President Obama knows, too.. that's why he wants her to carry on his legacy and build her own.

BS, West, Belafonte, Killer Mike, ECT just don't get it..

CBS News Politics
✔ ‎‎@CBSPolitics
Nearly 9/10 of black Dem #SCprimary voters want to see @POTUS' policies continue: http://cbsn.ws/1TGfQMo
1:41 PM - 27 Feb 2016
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I know it backfired.. I was one of those peeps who predicted, too. BS' whole strategy

has been to diss President Obama and Hillary. Well, he couldn't have chosen a more suitable surrogate than cornel west and killer mike for that matter.

And, as we can see .. Black Folks are just too smart to be bamboozled. We've seen it in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and now South Carolina.. where Hillary got a huge majority of the African American Vote.

I can't wait!

You're forgetting the importance of the Democratic Primary.. the Black folks in South Carolina

preferred Hillary over sanders. This has been a trend in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.. where Hillary Won the Latino Vote, too.

Very Important that the POC in our Country know that Hillary is the one who will be the best President for our Nation.

Paul Begala
✔ ‎‎@PaulBegala
This is @HillaryClinton at her best. Speaking as a mother who weeps for moms who lost their children; quoting Scripture, calling for love.

3:02 PM - 27 Feb 2016
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What a Victory Speech!

✔ ‎‎@nowthisnews
"Our country was built by people who have each others' backs...imagine what we can all build together"#SCPrimary
3:00 PM - 27 Feb 2016
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Mahalo, mcar

I just got online! Thank you, South Carolina!


Hmmmm.. Marvelous! Mahalo, rivers! They're so cute!

No Hillary Clinton did NOT call Black Children "Super Predators"..

Thrilling ‎‎@burdentruth
For all of you jumping on the "super predator" nonsense.... #ImWithHer
10:22 AM - 26 Feb 2016
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[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo~
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