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That's fantasy land.. let them believe it.

Victory for Hillary in NV. Coalition of Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Older voters, STRONG!

The coalition Hillary won Nevada with:

1. African-Americans.

Hillaryís Nevada result with the African-American voters was 76% to 22%. Turnout from African-Americans was 13%, not that much of a drop from 2008 when this groupís turnout was 15%.

2. Obama folks.

People who want to continue Obamaís policies, strengthen them and making them better, not go into a different direction.

That segment was 49% of the Nevada electorate. Hillary won this segment 74% to 22%.

3. Women.

Women turned out in large numbers for Hillary. Women made up 56% of the Nevada electorate. Hillary won the women vote 57% to 41%, a huge gap. While Bernie won the male vote, the gap was a lot smaller, almost half the gap that Hillary was able to get with women.

4. Hispanics.

Early projections among Hispanics have turned out to be wrong. It appears that Hillary has won the Hispanic vote by double digits, based on strong numbers out of Clark County. Hillary appears to have won Hispanics in Nevada by double-digits.

5. Older voters.

Young voters were mostly with Bernie, but they didnít turn out. Only 18% of the Nevada electorate were voters between 18 and 29 years of age. Another 17% was the age group between 30 and 44 years of age. However, 35% of Nevada voters were from 45 to 64 years of age, and 31% of Nevada voters were 65 and over. That 31% of 65 and over voters is strongly better than what Nevada saw in 2008.

Hillary got 74% from voters age 65 and higher, and 61% from voters age 45 through 64.

Bernie won young voters, but they didnít turn out in the ways the older voters did.

6. Democrats

Itís our party. Actual DEMOCRATS strongly support Hillary. Among registered Democrats Hillary won 57% to 41%. Actual Democratic party voters took the race away from Bernie today.

(More in link)


Wow, Gracias for this in Delores Huertas' history, Tanuki!

Poor thing.. she got hit hard. Damn police violence on this activist for worker's rights.

I missed this.. Thank you!

LOL.. I told you not to go, flea..

Just saw this.. It didn't happen.

Jennifer Palmieri ‎‎@jmpalmieri
Yeah. Reporting Hispanic precincts have @HillaryClinton up by 20. Yeah this doesn't appear to be the case. pic.twitter.com/FnQ0Ow6vEy"
5:19 PM - 20 Feb 2016
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The Obama Diary!http://theobamadiary.com/2016/02/20/obamaandkids-a-global-smile-fest/

Guess who the "myth" is?

I see Culinary Members Caucusing! "Wonderful Image from #NevadaCaucuses"

Bethany Khan
I see @Culinary226 members caucusing! #NVcaucus #NVDemsCaucus #FirstintheWest

John Nichols ‎‎@NicholsUprising
Wonderful image from #NevadaCaucuses
via @BethanyKhan

10:28 AM - 20 Feb 2016

The Obama Diary~http://theobamadiary.com/2016/02/20/obamaandkids/#comment-1489591

LOL@BBro Tweets.. Don't think they look enthusiastic enough for #I'mWithHer..

[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Gracias!~

Clinton rides minority support to win over Sanders in Nevada caucuses

Or killer mike's out reach, either.

Hillary Clinton Verified account 
The feeling is mutual, Nevada.


Gracias kjones!

See, I missed all that with the "red" or whatever so I really don't know what

you're talking about.. but, I do know that the BS supporters have a history of not taking a loss well.

And, I did see this very beautiful pic of Hill!

Can you imagine how Happy she and her Team/Volunteers are in Nevada.. after all the abuse she gets?!

We Did IT, Walk away! #ImWithHer!

Hehe.. nice to underestimate!

Gracias, stop!

You have to set yourselves up as the pure campaign while actually being the campaign that

that does this and other tactics they've been busted for.. doesn't seem like they have much faith in their grassroots.

Democratic caucuses. Registered Republicans report being called by Sanders volunteers encouraging them to vote in the

Democrats report being given the wrong time for the caucuses, and it's usually given as 5 pm (they start at 11 am).

There are reports of people posing as Clinton volunteers knocking doors at 11 pm to annoy people against her campaign.

Sanders supporters created and shared a misleading video about the caucus process that they will not take offline even though the NV Democratic Party complains this will create disruption at caucus sites. The Sanders campaign deliberately blasted this video via email to his supporters even after being informed by the state party that it was deceptive.
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