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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Kelly's conduct is absolutely inexcusable.. and

they're keeping things from trump now?

Like he has standards?.. LOL

Rubin called them "Deplorable".

Rob Portman is a

heavy handed serial abuser of women.

And, trump's cos stuck up for him.. What was it Kelly said?.. ".. he had honor and integrity"?..

just like trump is a serial sexual predator.. but the Russians couldn't care less.. nor did his screaming fans. Nor stein and sarandon when they lied.. "..Hillary is more dangerous than trump"

You reminded me to go look @ The Obama Diary..

Thanks.. and Mahalo for President Obama's smiling face!
We Keep On Keeping On


President Obama and his AG Eric Holder

"Warning: you cannot unseen this"!

Trump is a man obsessed with image in ways that go beyond the normal human concern with looking presentable. Image is Trumpís moral code. He dismisses his political rivals for being short. He sees his succession of wives as visual testament to his own status. He selects his Cabinet on the basis of their looking the part. He conscripts the military as a prop to bathe himself in an aura of presidential grandeur.

And no, we do not do Trumpís hair at The Worldís Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, Inc. Nor would we. We have standards.

trump the bald headed liar
Gracias, Goth.. Juanita Jean

That's what a lot of us having

been thinking and saying.. I'm glad they're finally able to have solid proof.

Mahalo, octoberlib

I agree about the mocking .. but is there proof she "speaks 5 languages"?

Or is that just more trump Lies? We know she plagiarized First Lady Michelle Obama's DNC speech..

Is there any proof that Melania Trump is fluent in five languages?


A few days ago I had cause to look into a couple of statements about Melania Trump. Someone quoted the alt-right claim that Melania has a higher IQ than any other First Lady. Of course she has never released her IQ score (something that most people with high IQs donít do anyway). Given that the last three First Ladies included a Wellesley graduate who went on to Yale Law, and a Princeton graduate who attended Harvard Law, a woman who dropped out after her first year at the University of Ljubljana probably isnít well matched in that department regardless of how difficult the exams to enter there are (that was the position that one of her professors took: she must be intelligent because the entrance exams are quite difficult).


However, it has to be noted that there is no actual proof that she speaks any language other than Slovenian and English with any actual degree of fluency. There are no recordings of Melania Trump speaking any of the languages she claims to be fluent in except English. It is very possible that she studied it but does she or has she used it regularly. And what does she consider ďfluentĒ. I know that I did four years of high school French and graduated each year but I donít speak French and comprehend what is being said only a little better. Until such time as proof - one way or the other - appears about Melania Trumpís linguistic capabilities, we essentially have to take her word on it.


This might have changed since the article.. dunno.. but I know I'm not taking any trumps' word on ANYTHING.

Thank you for this valuable encouraging

info on what AG Holder and President Obama are up to on gerrymandering, Randy

And, "mobilizing African American Voters"

Mahalo Teddy Roosevelt!

President Obama went out and

and talked to the Military and had them to the WH to celebrate the 4th of July, Easter.. Christmas, etc etc.. Tried to get the benefits, too..

Jill Biden and Michelle Obama were out there with Joining Forces..

Salute to Veterans

Michelle Obama's signature military initiative faces an uncertain future under Donald Trump


and Michelle Obama, Jill Biden Promote Jobs-for-Veterans Program


Obama would never even have thought of having a military parade so they could salute him and distract the world from him being a Russian mole

Love it.. if someone slammed

a tweet like that all over the twitterverse

Mahalo, HipChick
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