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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,459

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Love it! thanks syringis!

Thanks, highplainsdem.. that's timeless

Adam Schiff Boomerangs back in the idiot's face.


Ain't it so..

I know the feeling, too, pnwmom..

Back in the '70s in Gainesville, Fla.. our son was 5, taking his nap, and I was outside hanging clothes.

I went upstairs and found him missing and I panicked, called the police.

I got a call that he had gone down to the restaurant about a block away. where we ate sometimes. and wanted to order.

Said we could come pick him up.

That kid! I was so overwhelming Relieved!

Here are the lyrics.. Thank you.. especially since I don't

have a tv.

“Come women and men who hashtag Me Too, and believe me when I say that we believe you. For weak is the man who calls truth ‘fake news.’ Time’s up, our silence we’re breaking,” he sings

Come gather round people wherever you roam
And admit that our country don’t feel like our home
And that silence speaks louder than those who condone
If a tweet to you is worth favin’
Then lift up your voices and put down your phones
For the times they are a-changin’

Come women and men who hashtag Me Too
And believe me when I say that we believe you
For weak is the man who calls truth “fake news”

Time’s up, our silence we’re breaking
And even though Mel Gibson was in Daddy’s Home 2
Well the times they are a-changin’

Come athletes with platforms throughout the land
Who by taking a knee are taking a stand
And before you shout out that they should be banned
Listen to what they are saying
Perhaps they’d stand up if you reached out your hand
Well the times they are a-changing

Come journalists, writers who report the facts
And brandish your pen to fend off his attacks
Look past what he says and look at how he acts
The fire and fury is raging
For his words can hurt, but your words can fight back
New York Times, they aren’t a-failin’

Come leaders who bully like Internet trolls
We’ll curse you with four-letter words ‘love’ and ‘hope’
For we will go high even when you go low
The order is re-arranging
For you have the power, but we have the vote
The times they are a-changin’


Tactical Peek

WOW.. Fun to hear Your story, BP!

My son was born while we were on vacation from California.. way back in the day.. we were visiting my then husband's aunts in Drexel Hill.. where he came out way early at Lankenau Hospital in Overbrook.

We just stayed there 6 weeks but I'll always have a fondness in my heart for Philly.

Son mostly grew up in San Diego, though.. but now he's been on Kaua'i since '85. Chargers were still his Team.

He told me on the phone tonight that the Phillies and The NE Patriots were in the Super Bowl "about 10 years ago".. I'll have to tell him it was 2005!

Lucky you getting to leave the country when bush was in his 2nd damn term. I was in New York and on DU

Philly Eagles!


Mahalo for Queen!

Trump hid his returns to hide money laundering.

"THAT'S why Nunes needs to discredit Steele's dossier."

Sneaky Lying Weasels.

KEY POINT #3 "..why didn't US media right then ask, What's SO DANGEROUS to Trump in Steele's dossier?"

"The US Media".. HA! The "media" that assisted in getting trump rigged into office?! That media?!


Mahalo, IT and SethLove the unrolled Seth.

The best part of this is that he is JOGGING up the stairs. He knows his big, pink, bald-ass head is



Paul Ryan is officially now known as #BuckFity .

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