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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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For no reason..


Exactly! Which "people will die bc of russian investigation?"!


So let me get this straight.. Big trump is

the poster bully for bullies.. so melania takes this little trump to the sotu because kids are bullying him 'cause his name is trump, like the Big Bully in the WH.. the role model for bullies the world over?

I feel for the kid but this is some major gaslit shite here.

News Flash for the russian owned

Puppet.. his inability to tell the truth and Never apologize makes him as weak as freaking, Flopping, Wet Noodle.

It's takes a courageous person to apologize sincerely when they're wrong. And, let's be real.. everybody makes mistakes.

President Obama and Admin had major clean for fucking bush/cheney and all fucking trump could do is accuse him of not being born in America.. him and his dead beat wife.. were on the Smear Obama Tour.

From Vox.. Gabbard is suppose to be the "peace candidate"..

Seems to favor putin over President Obama..
In January 2017, she traveled to Syria and met with Assad personally, blindsiding the Democratic leadership in Congress. After returning to the US, she went on CNN and parroted the regime’s line that there was “no difference” between the mainstream anti-Assad rebels and ISIS.

By this point, Democratic leadership considered her disloyal. “Rep. Gabbard loses me and, I think, many others when she claims to support peaceful values and policies that protect civilians and still engages with and even defends a murderous dictator, Bashar al-Assad,” Loren DeJonge Schulman, a senior NSC official in the Obama administration, told me. “There is no excuse for this. The hypocrisy of these actions is astonishing. One can be antiwar without being pro-murderous dictator, a fact that seems obvious.”

When Assad’s forces used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians in April 2017, Gabbard said she was “skeptical” that Assad was responsible, aligning herself with conspiracy theorists against both US intelligence and the overwhelming majority of independent experts.

Mahalo for this, Oilem.. one of the best comprehensive articles on Gabbard I've seen. If not the best.

Here's Stacy.. for posterity..

It will nice when you work through the aches, and pulses in your forearm.. I hope it heals in a timely manner, Hermit

Stacey Abrams: "The shutdown was a stunt engineered by the President of the United States, one that


Stacey Abrams talked about actual problems that the nation faces: voter suppression,


Oh yeah, Gabbard "the peace candidate".. uh huh.


Muchas Gracias California AG Becerra!

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in the Democrats’ official Spanish-language response that he’s prepared to challenge any declaration of emergency Trump may issue to fund a border wall “the moment it touches the ground.”

“The idea of declaring a nonexistent state of emergency on the border, in order to justify robbing funds that belong to the victims of fires, floods, hurricanes, and droughts, to pay for the wall is not only immoral, it is illegal,” Becerra said.


Mahalo, ucr!
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