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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That's nice of you.. thanks. In a

post on another thread someone said they took it differently... like Biden was running for the Senate, too.. as in take back the Senate and Keep the House.

Bayard (7,118 posts)

26. I read this differently

(I've never been able to get the sound back on DU again). I thought it meant, he's running for the Senate, because if he's the presidential nominee, Dems have a better chance at re-taking the Senate.

The man is still sharp as a tack. I can't believe he would have forgotten what year it is, or what he's running for, when he can reel off statistics at the drop of a hat.


Good on President Obama.. BS not so much..

“I’m totally disgusted and insulted,” said Lourdes Diaz, the president of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus in Broward County, who is Cuban-American. “Maybe this will open people’s eyes to how super, super liberal and radical Bernie is. I’m not going to defend him anymore. I’m over it.”

We need Florida!

I'm not applying anything.. so stop with your accusation.

Biden campaign releases medical records that show Biden, 77, does not drink alcohol and works out five days a week


Did Biden say he would like BS did..?


Mahalo for this, Rumanji!




KICK for Transparency.. he said he would.. ".. it's the right thing to do.. "


sirota knows exactly what he was doing as far as this goes..

BS was talking about what he thinks Castro's revolution brought to Cuba in 1959.

President Obama was talking about the post 2014 strides that Cuba had made as part of the negotiated
pre-conditions for normalizing US-Cuba relations. Cuba had to meet benchmarks during the gradual process of moving towards normalization.

President Obama made the remarks at a joint press conference in Cuba in March 2016.

He said he was going to.. "..it was the right thing to do..."


"Purity"? The OP is a tweet from Rep

Stephanie Murphy on how she feels about BS praising Castro for his "literacy program".
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