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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Crazy Good! This is what I was looking for.. TY!

Biden won the majority support of Black voters in Nevada and still holds the lead in SC. The debate, Clyburn's endorsement, and the campaign this week will give Joe momentum this week.

Biden might have done better in Nevada without all the trumps ads against him.

Biden's getting it from all sides and he's holding strong.

KR.. Thank you, Joe Biden!

I just posted this in another thread.. BS didn't think we could win the Blue Wave 2018.. but we Did.. With Moderates in Swing Districts.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thinks there is reason to doubt the predicted "blue wave" in next month'


And, all those red seats the Moderate Dems

Flipped to Blue in the 2018 House Victory. I can imagine they would be more in danger.

sanders said in 2018 that he didn't see us winning the House back..

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thinks there is reason to doubt the predicted "blue wave" in next month'


Oh you're in Rep Tom Malinowski's District..

you must be so happy he won.

Amanpour interviews Congressman-elect Tom Malinowski (D flipped seat that was R since '81)


I want to play something that maybe speaker, certainly Leader Pelosi said to me in September because a lot of people said well you know what, the Democrats don't really have a message to complete with Make America Great Again.

There's no slogan, there's no clear strategy but this is where she laid out in September.

What we're about in our campaign is that we are for the people, for lower health care costs, lowering prescription drug prices.

We're for raising pay checks, lowering healthcare costs, increasing paychecks by building the infrastructure of America and for cleaning up government to make sure people understand that the people's interest, not the special interests are served here in the United States Capitol.

So there she was laying out a strategy and one that clearly is a winning strategy

I think until the very end, this campaign was mostly run on health care, it was run on protecting kids from gun violence, building infrastructure in my state, in New Jersey.

I think the last couple of weeks I think Trump inserted himself into the campaign in ways that were terrible for the country but also bad for his party.

It was fear, demonization and conspiracy theories and in a district like mine, that did not play well, especially after the shootings in the Pittsburgh synagogue because we could link, very clearly, the president's words to one of the worst acts of violence, religious violence, hateful violence in American history and our positive message on practical issues like healthcare, infrastructure, gun violence, the economy, contrasted with fear, was very advantageous for us.



She also said IC wouldn't tell the campaign to keep it quiet because that, in itself, would help the

Russian efforts."

Somebody should tweet that to BS..


Bradley Whitford's thoughts on "smug SS"..


Thank you, Pete!!

“In a few short days we can go one way or the other as a party…. I respect my friend Sen. Sanders. I believe the ideals he talks about are ideals we all share. But I also believe the way we build the movement to defeat Donald Trump is to bring them into our tent and not to call them names online,” Buttigieg said in reference to vocal Sanders supporters who have been accused of going after other 2020 contenders.

Buttigieg warned that Sanders could endanger frontline Democrats further down the ballot who would have to answer for their presidential nominee’s progressive stances.

“We had better make sure that we got a nominee at the top of the ticket who cannot just take back the White House but keep the House in the right hands and send [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) packing,” he said.

SS is Batting ZERO.


So Trump apparently did more than just Tweet Sanders on - he dropped a big negative Spanish language

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