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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 271,903

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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stein pusher, sarandon's Lies about Hillary and trump

helped Russia rig in the monster in the WH.

And, here she is trying to take down Nancy Pelosi, who helped get us the Blue Wave House Victory in 2018.. she can **** the **** OFF.

Damn right, blue-wave.. and we wouldn't have

had to go through this Global Nightmare for the last 3 years and 2 months.

And, especially this is on jill stein's & ssarandon's Lies about "Hillary being more dangerous than trump".. This is on them and everyone who didn't vote for Hillary. Like BS' press sec, briahna joy gray and davidsiroota who pushed for stein.

Thank you!

Yes.. 2nd place would be great in the

caucus state of Nevada.

I wish South Carolina weren't an open primary.. I would like our Democratic Party to actually choose our Nominee.


Aloha, emmaverybo.. I just saw this tweet.. I hope

it holds true and is the most %.
And, I don't know how true this is..

BS is continuously insulting the Democratic Party with

his him vs the Dem Party.. This is Not the very first time nor will it be the last.

Lawrence O'Donnell gets it and so does Vincent D'Onofrio..

This post explained it as being "Strategic".. ".. a preemptive strike"..

What do you think of that, TVO?

30. BS comment was very strategic

itís a pre-emptive strike against superdelegates at the convention who he sees as undemocratic and not the same as peopleís votes. This narrative is going to continue. If he is denied nomination at the convention even after winning plurality votes, you bet lots of bernie supporters will be angry and weíll lose in GE anyway. We canít be fighting among ourselves like that no matter how we may dislike BS. You must respect that he has built an impressive grassroots


Anyway.. I agree with you, "strategic" or not.. he's only hurting himself by insulting the brilliant leaders in the Dem Party and everyone else who belongs.

I hope Biden wins in spite of the gop cross over votes in SC..

I don't want to jinx it.. I don't count anything until it's over.

Welcome Aboard the Biden Train.. may it continue gaining Steam!

You'll have to ask Rep Adam Schiff who is a part of

the Democratic "Establishment".

"Adam Schiff is part of the so-called Democratic "establishment" & he fought his HEART out on the..


Hang in there, Boo!

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