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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,181

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I've seen that brush off to "Social Issues" you're talking about, BB. Thank you so much

for your OP.. to clarify just what they are so superciliously sniff their collective nose at.

Global Climate Change! Only our Air, Water, and Food!

You're incensed about "far left" but the so-called far left calls some DUers "RW" and there's the

old "3rd Way", "Authoritarians", whatever.

And, you're "confused/and/or/incensed about "far left", Derek?

Oh that makes sense.. "..wall street coddling smuck".. Just because People support Hillary. You're just throwing out flamebait.. you don't want anything to stop.

Exactly, Nance.. they should stick to taking credit when it's due.. EarlG got it..

Mahalo Nance~

LIke someone said.. "" In their animus toward Hillary Clinton they have become unhinged.."


Thanks for the link, Bobbie Jo

Thanks for explaining that to the OP, BB. I think you did burst his little giggly putin bubble.

Reality sucks.

Mahalo Obamacare!

^O^B^A^M^A ^I^S ^M^Y ^P^R^E^Z

Got It! Thanks Skinner~

^O^B^A^M^A ^I^S ^M^Y ^P^R^E^Z

President Obama's response, she..

"the differences between the parties are so clear and dramatic that itís hard to see how anyone who

has been paying attention could be undecided even now, or be induced to change his or her mind between now and the election."

And, it's impossible to see how anyone on the internet says there is no difference between Dems and repubs.. like the dribble I've seen around here sometimes.

Mahalo Faygo.. Thank you, Paul Krugman!

Aha! wikileaks is "right wing".. "arrow pointing right/red!"

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