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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,126

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo, blue-wave!

Hi @SenSanders, your BERN app is creepy and invades people's privacy. I was able to look up my own..


Democratic "Establishment"

BlueWave, baby!

And, all that beautiful progress you mentioned, comradebillyboy!

76% view Biden Favorably..

Not bad!

Thank You for this report, highplainsdem!

So glad to see this..

Any concerns that those stories may dampen his support with women and black women is not yet borne out by the data. If anything, Bidenís advantage over the field relies heavily on edges with those groups: Among women overall, Biden jumped 8 points in the last week..

That's how I became an accidental Biden supporter.. I chose him in solidarity when those stories came out from those who obviously didn't want him to even run.

And, then as more time went by I decided to stick with Biden.. and look how his launch Vid turned out! I had feeling his Rally in Pittsburgh today would be spectacularly Brilliant! out!

While Mr. Biden spoke in Pittsburgh, students in his hometown watched from a conference room. By and

large, they defied his low polling with young voters."

lol.. Joe Biden is "spry"!

Alexa Anzulewicz: I was surprised at how energetic and spry Joe Biden appears. Had I not known he was 76, I would have though him to be in his late 50s. Initially, I was doubtful that an older adult would be a good fit for president, but after seeing how well Joe Biden spoke and how he appeared, I have a change of heart.

Awww.. So True, blue neen!

This is so great to see!

Joe Biden leads with Black Women.. 47% to

18%! Highest % difference.. huge surprise..Not!

Thank You so much for suggesting to click on the link, highplainsdem!


I think it's a badge of honor when

BS calls Democratic Leaders "establishment". They're some of my favorite people

I am soooo Grateful VP Biden entered the race!

Yes, she did.. it was quite graceful..

It's so early yet.. but right now..


Uh huh..

BS takes himself down with non-answers like this..

Bernie has a rough time at She the People conference


No.. we're not "nervous", BS.

I like VP Joe Biden's Message of Unity.

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