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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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BS insults canape, too..


I bet sirota came up with "canapés".

Does Joe Biden look "nervous"?


They got sucked in by trump's(Fake potus)

LIES! That's too bad

Thank You for the Tweet, Hortensis..
I snipped some quotes from Harold A. Schaitberger here..


trump(Fake President) is a

Psycho. he seems really disturbed that VP Joe Biden is such a positive influence!

Firefighters union leader on Biden endorsement: 'He has a track record of delivering'

He has a track record of delivering, and we’re a group that measures it pretty straightforward,” Harold Schaitberger told Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on “Rising.”

“Joe Biden has had the backs and stood with firefighters across this nation throughout his Senate career, and certainly as vice president of the United States, and so we’re now prepared to stand with him,” Schaitberger said.

He added that Biden has long supported a number of worker-related issues, including fair wages, retirement security and protecting union rights.


You know, you could just go the old fashioned route and ask people to *talk* to others


And, he keeps reminding..


No.. @#SheThePeople

BS wasn't prepared to answer the questions from the WOC.. and he got Booed.

After #SheThePeople BS sends Nina out to scold the WOC audience @ a predominantly white crowd rally.. escalating the Division.
Then Nina goes on Joy's and dodges questions, coming up with completely irrelevant talking points just like BS did.

Oh NO.. Nina Turner Dodging

the questions just like BS.. coming up with completely irrelevant talking points.

What's UP, Nina! Then she gets out there and does this Yesterday!

Thank You for your

post, Hortensis.

Yes, the OP missed it.. but Thank Goodness so many got it.

It was heart and soul searing to me.. not about civil rights per se.. but about all human rights that are being slowly but determinately taken away.

Biden took it straight to the eye of the Psycho, and leaves zero doubt what he intends to do to Trump during the next 18 months. Outstanding!

cenk's justice democrats are divisive & ugly..

And, BS thumbed his nose at Democrats by his 3rd party, jill stein voter hires, for upper staff.

I want a real Democratic Candidate who will beat the Psycho in the GE.
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