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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,126

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Wow! Mahalo for that

Vid, 'He Mele No Lilo' -

The voices and lyrics were mesmerizing and beautiful!

And the kind words, alohahoa.

WOC@#SheThePeople wanted

answers to their questions. How hard was that?

I bet Joe Biden would have given them a real answer on the "White Nationalism" question.

WOC are our largest voting block.. they've always been there for us.

Mahalo, Hortensis, for telling

us about NV state Senator Yvanna Cancela endorsing Biden, and what he's up to in Nevada!

Exactly, BlueMT! Elizabeth, Kamala, and

Beto were the most well received at #SheThePeople.. and as we all know.. WOC are our most reliable voting block!

I bet Biden would have given an excellent answer to the WOC about "White Nationalists".

Some have this meme going that they don't want a "safe candidate" which I think is ridiculous.. because nothing is for sure. We just have to work through our primary and see who the majority of our voters want.. like Biden said yesterday to the reporters in Deleware.

It does matter who would be our most excellent choice to beat trump because of above all that's what we need to do.

May the best woman or man be our win.

And oh yeah.. I thought about that, too.. that there are Senators running whose states have repub Govs. So we'll see what happens.

Tan Suit!

Red, White, and BLUE

WAVE, baby!

So handy!

Yes! It was good for all of

us, too.. so Inspiring and uplifting.. against what we've faced and are facing after 2 years of the anti-Christ in power.
Mahalo, Peacetrain

Can you chip in $5 to become a Founding Member and show everyone the strength of our movement?


Kurt Eichenwald Researches Biden's Role in Anita Hill's Testimony, And We All Should Know It

I will admit that I really donít want Biden to run. I think his time has passed, and like a certain other old person running (and a couple of younger ones), their main traits are being white, male, and recognized. But I think itís good for all of us to know the story of what happened with Anita Hillís testimony and the part played by Biden. Itís not what Iíve heard, and I think itís far better if we all know the real story.

More to the story..


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