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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,125

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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No she didn't.

We've had over 2 years of the anti-Christ in power now.. we've seen all the blood that's been spilled in his name, and the babies and children who have been torn from their parents' arms in his name.

Biden's roll out was inspiring.. reminding us of Charlottesville, and the stark difference between the Nazis, who trump favors, and patriots, who want our Democracy to survive, it was heart wrenching and brilliant

This is about the heart and soul of our country.. Biden tapped into that.. he has plenty of time to focus on the issues.. like in his campaign rally in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Yes, finally!

This and BlueWave!


Yeah and jill stein pushers.. so

they have no cred in my view.

Because it's a

talking point they've latched onto without much forethought.

Thank You for this pic of Biden receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Obama, Hortensis!

Yes!.. he's many things besides

kind and a Uniter.

Biden is experienced as a working and successful Vice President with Foreign Policy Cred.

He certainly would know what he's looking for in a VP!

It was the perfect message

imv, still_one.

Reminding us of Charlottesville, and the stark difference between the Nazis and patriots, was heart wrenching and brilliant.

Mahalo, mtnsnake! That's

exactly how I felt.

Well said.. ".. straight for the jugular.."!

That's what this is about, the heart and soul of America.. how Biden is on issues will all come out.. starting Monday in Pittsburgh.

Reminding us what happened in Charlottesville was heart wrenching, but necessary to show the stark difference of trump and patriots who love America..

Mahalo, ucr..

I like his Biden logo, too.

I loved it! It's absolutely

the best way to roll out and declare why he's running for the Presidency.

We all know it.. our very existence as we knew it is at stake.

Where did you see that about President Obama, Peacetrain?

I felt that way when

we Won our 2018 Midterm Democratic House Victory.. Flipped 45 Red seats to BLUEWAVE!.. Now to keep it Up!

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