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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Like this.. "You must be part of the"unity" commission.."


I see you're deflecting from what I

posted about "moderates being the majority".. to zero in on "4 seats".. in your big "gotcha".

I thought I remembered it was 45 at the time.. guess not. Moderates still won the 2018 Midterm Victory for us.

Separate himself from

the BlueWave?

".. unhinged and erractic.. " is typical

Dan Rather said it perfectly..
This from SHRED is Priceless..

LOL Priceless! ROFL!

That was funny!

Yes, the majority of those who

Flipped the Red Seats to Blue Wave are Moderates.

Moderation still won in the midterms – even if moderate Republicans didn’t

Further, nearly all of the Democrats who flipped the seats of moderate Republicans are themselves moderate. Few support the socialist agenda of Senator Bernie Sanders, and more than two dozen have pledged not to support Nancy Pelosi for speaker. So the moderate Republicans’ defeat wasn’t a defeat for moderation overall.


Don't let progressives fool you. Moderate Democrats can win

Their midterm performance proves it. ... November 7, 2018 ... mainstream Democrats who closely matched their purple and red districts or states.


I like all kinds of Dems who make up the House Victory.. what I don't like is "progressives" acting like there's no room for Moderates across the Country.

Excellent point.. I'm sure trump &

his doormats will try anything to take down Joe Biden. More of the same as he did in 2016 against Hillary.
Dan Rather said it perfectly..

I like Dan Rather's take.. perfect!


Sasha Obama Steps Out for Prom, Looking as Graceful as Only Michelle's Daughters Can

Sasha wore a classic black dress to the Sidwell Friends prom, while Milton, whose waves were sure to have made a few chaperones seasick by the end of the night, matched Sasha’s fly in a classic black tux and the quiet confidence of a man taking the President’s daughter to prom

Who is Chris Milton? Meet Sasha Obama’s 2019 Prom Date

While Sidwell Friends is a highly selective private school located in Bethesda, Maryland, it appears her prom date hails from Middleton, Ohio. Milton’s older brother, Travis, proudly posted of his baby brother’s prom photos on his Facebook page, with the caption, “CONGRATS to Chris and Sasha Obama 2019 Sidwell Prom. Hanging out with the First Family….. PRICELESS!!”


Mahalo, Soph! Our little Sasha all grown up!

Sure can.. but I'm not "confused"..

John Lewis was called that as an insult.. just like this BS press sec insulted him.
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