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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,168

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Si Pendeja We Do Care

Marco is Pwned by the Internet and


Damn his fake outrage and real stupidity. How damn dumb do you have to be to clutch pearls after 5 people have been shot dead and a survivor says "fuck"? His big mouth stepped in it.

Thanks, Don.. Save for


Here's to you getting your demands, deminks..


Soph https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=10807918

"Stay Strong".. FUCK OFF, ASSHOLE.. you and your LIES

are a big part of the REASON we WILL BE STRONG. Without your Fucking input.

Stupid FUCkS.. and they're going to do it again in 2020

It's not just you, Soph.. many of are quite aware of the reality of what happened to get us here in 2018.

OMG.. too bad that's so

perfect. What a legacy. I can only hope along with millions of others that he gets blowback a thousand fold for his treachery. He knows we were attacked by Russia and there's an enemy of the state occupying the wh.

Wow.. somebody really knew how to make a graphic for Kennedy.

Thanks Soph

JHC.. the most Corrupt Gov Ever.. thanks to the Fraud.. Right here in

the USA, and we're hanging on trying to make it through this Fascist Nightmare wanting it to be OVER.

this question was asked.. now we know..

Conor Lamb won in a former red district in PA on

ACA. Every district is different.

And, here he is now..

BS was Wrong.. Yeah, people have a right to go out

to a restaurant for dinner.. but Owners also have a right to refuse service to anyone. SHS can go find another chicken place to eat.

"Bernie Sanders Defends Sarah Sanders: People Have a Right To Go to a Restaurant for Dinner"


On MSNBC on Wednesday, former democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders defended White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the currently dominant political topic of civility in politics.

“Look, as I’ve said before, yeah, I think people have the right to go into a restaurant and have dinner,” said Sanders (Bernie) about Saunders (Sarah) being kicked out of a restaurant with her family over political differences.

Host Kristen Welker was asking the Vermont senator about the lack of civility in general at first, and he said he’s “not a great fan of shouting down people or being rude to people,” but that people have a right to be angry.


Stephanie Wilkinson was protesting the draconian policies of the Fraud. Not "political differences" She asked her employees to vote on it.


BS was sticking up for the trump LYING Propagandist government official not for the people.

Good to know.. BS should take a clue

from Trevor Noah on "civility".. good stuff

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