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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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It's cold blooded treasonous shit.. any other potus

would have to go being caught red handed like this. Were the traitors so stupid they didn't think we would find out?

And some wonder why the fuck trump got himself impeached


The Foreign Secretary must also make clear whether the UK had any knowledge of these reports and what conversations he has had with his US counterpart about sanctions towards Russia given these shocking revelations.”

Yes, I saw that.. TY for pointing that Out, KY!

According to the paper, Trump was briefed on the activity months ago, but no discernible action has been taken. The UK received the intelligence last week. The 29155 unit of the GRU, an arm of Russia’s military intelligence agency, was responsible for executing the plan, according to the paper. In recent years, it has been linked to assassination attempts aimed at destabilising the West.

Exactly what BLOTUS is doing.. "destabilizing" America.

RT.. this is cold blooded treason shit.


Wow.. Good, Word is Getting OUT! It's called Treason! TY Soph!


And, all points in between! RT


He knew.. trump is a traitor to the USA.


TY for this, Botany.. RT!


Appreciate they're exposing this. KR

TY, Goth

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