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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 261,987

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

I'm so happy to be amongst you all, too.. In the minority on DU but not in our Nation.

Thank Goodness!lovemydog

Chuck Todd hit job on Donald Trump: Now and THEN.. thank you, ew.

Yay.. thank you, Rep James Clyburn! Jim Webb agrees with the gop in the House, btw.

mahalo cal


Hey Aloha, DeepModemMom.. creator of the original BOG! So Good to see you

Again.. and you're for Hillary.. Very Cool!

Two Pinocchios. "Bernie Sanders’s misleading characterization of a controversial gun law"

Thanks DTex

IOW the typical MO. Now you know. I've seen it so many times it's just boring.. sorry

you expected civilized discussion.

I can't say what I really think or chances are I would get a hide.

Suffice to say.. you have every right to speak your mind as an American living abroad. We have plenty of members who are not Americans voicing their Opinions on American politics on this board. I welcome them all.

Btw, you handled those posters with style and class.. does not go unnoticed.

My sister is a teacher in New York who is voting for Hillary!

Hillary Clinton Picks Up Teachers Union Endorsement

Mahalo onehandle!

Not the first time that's happened.. but, is it the first time anyone's been so spectaculary busted

for it?!

Ah, I just went to the link.. and yeah, just beginning to catch on to it.. Bad Luck, cruz.. yeah your pac had money to burn on your stupid books but now it looks twice as bad that you didn't make the NYT best seller lists.

Boohoo.. cruz will say something stupid.. like "the NYT is lying".. rofl

Thank you, President Obama! "White House Finds Way Around Hobby Lobby Birth Control Decision"

Mahalo, Stellar~

David Brock had a evolutionary change.. this is great news that he's helping Hillary.

From sworn enemy to helping her with her campaign in 2016!

Brock has done a pretty awesome job with Media Matters over the years..

"At the center is Media Matters, his decade-old nonprofit group that meticulously monitors and counters conservative media, political attacks on liberal politicians and – more recently – unflattering stories about Clinton in the mainstream press."

“What David does that is so successful is show up the mainstream media for being lazy,” said former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who leaned heavily on Brock for help when he became chairman of the Democratic National Committee in 2005. “He forces them to confront the facts that get omitted.”

Thank you, bemildred
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