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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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And, so is his wife, First Lady Michelle, she..

First Lady Michelle Obama Champions Students

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a discussion on higher education in the East Room of the White House. The First Lady hosted the 2015 Beating the Odds Summit to recognize youths who have overcome substantial obstacles to persist through high school and make it to college, as part of the “Reach Higher” initiative

President Barack Obama makes a surprise visit to the Beating the Odds Summit, part of the First Lady’s Reach Higher Initiative, in the East Room of the White House (Photo by Pete Souza)

Jayson Rodriguez: Michelle Obama Talks Ambition, Educations & #TodaysKidsWillNeverLearn

Michelle Obama is nothing if not gracious. Since moving to the White House in 2009 following her husband Barack Obama’s presidential election win in 2008, the Chicago native has used her mantle as the First Lady to fight for military families, children’s health and young people’s pursuit of education. Her charm, intellect and warm personality have created a collaborative environment where politics are left at the door and people connect to get things done.

and more to the story.. http://theobamadiary.com/2015/07/23/first-lady-michelle-obama-champions-students/

Our country has had an incredibly awesome First Couple in our White House for the last 7 years and counting.. I'm thrilled so many are able to appreciate that, she.. including us!

Mahalo, Bobbi Jo! Putting that right in my journal.

Bobbie Jo (11,261 posts)

72. Whooooooosh

Again, it's not so much Sanders
as it is his supporters.

Once again, take a look at his supporters and their reaction to BLM:


Compared to the discussion in the AA group:


Also, accounts from those who were there:


Bottom line, their reaction to BLM is getting some well-deserved push back.


Just. Stop. If you don't know much about this "BLM dustup." grab a damn mirror

Mahalo for your post, underthematrix! All of it. take out a snip here, though..

"If I as an African American can get you Bernie supporters riled up when i point out Bernie does not have a civil rights record or that he has misappropriated PBO's policies as his own or that he has out and out lied on PBO then you're gonna be devastated when the media dogs come for Bernie and they always come."

He's "running against President Obama's legacy".. I can't imagine Obama being too happy about that.

I thought we were through with this for now.. but they keep popping up..

and then we find out more about what all went down across the cybersphere ..

"There were a buch of them here and on Kos and even that Damn Nicole Sandler (Radio or Not show host, used to sub for Randy Rhodes) went all extra racist talking about she was resigning from progressivism because, reverse racism. Alot of people lost their minds. Member of DU were busy trying to get Elon (the black guy who hosted netroots) fired from his job and accusing him of planning this.

They're way too paranoid.

They forgot the lessons of Dr King when he and his supporters were fighting for Voting Rights in Selma, Alabama..

".: We're not asking - we're demanding! Give us the vote! ... Martin Luther King Jr.: That means protest! That means march! That means disturb the peace! That means jail."


This is dialogue from the movie .. but you can see by their actions.. that's how they felt about it.

I just finally saw Selma last night.. all the way through. Bless those who Marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

Joshua Jackson ‎@JoshuaKJackson
Dear White Progressives,

Black people don't HAVE to support Bernie or anyone. You don't own us & we don't owe you ANYTHING

6:10 AM - 19 Jul 2015 589 589 Retweets
865 865 favorites


The very idea.. they think they are "owed" something. It's about #BlackLivesMatter.. not tit for tat.

Like your sig line.. "Don't be a Stander. Try empathy. (I'm back to not having a candidate - Biden? What's up with Chafee? ) Please stop trying to educate all us black people about Dr.King and who marched with him. It's irritating."

You don't diss Obamacare as "modest" and act like you can do better when we all know how

hard it was to get Obamacare in the first place, she.

It's a BFD start.. AND, Bernie himself said .. there weren't the votes for single payer when Obamacare was Passed.


I've read bernie is "running against Obama's legacy.." & calling Obamacare a "modest accomplishment"

If he's "aiming for the President's massive coalition.." he's doing a piss poor job.

meta ‎@metaquest
@BernieSanders I don't call 16M now insured "modest." Do the math. And recall how difficult it was to pass ACA.
9:25 AM - 22 Jul 2015
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Donna NoShock ‎@NoShock
@BernieSanders & Exactly how will an Independent for Vermont get this our Republican & Democratic Congress to pass such a bill?
9:06 AM - 22 Jul 2015

Donna NoShock ‎@NoShock

@BernieSanders But Your Own State Couldn't Do It! Costs derail Vermont’s dream of a single-payer health plan https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2015/01/25/costs-derail-vermont-single-payer-health-plan/VTAEZFGpWvTen0QFahW0pO/story.html
9:40 AM - 22 Jul 2015
The Boston Globe
Costs derail Vermont’s single-payer health plan - The Boston Globe

Reality hit last month when a financial report that showed the cost of single-payer program would nearly double the size of the state’s budget in the first year alone and require large tax increases.


I feel kinda sorry for those ignorant bashers who trash Pres Obama. They're on the junkpike of


Never knowing what it was like to have an intelligent, courageous, compassionate President with a great sense of humor, in their lifetime.. just because some hate radio/faux/ or profiteering left blogger.. tells them to.

mahalo babylonsistah~

Mahalo BlueMTexpat! Our young Prez to be.. in Kenya with his folks..

Rare photos from Barack Obama's first trip to Kenya in 1987


Aw heck.. here's another "great shot"..

Mekdes Mz. ‎@Mekmz
A great shot. Airforce One flying thru the rainbow in #Addis via @PuniY #ObamaInEthiopia
9:05 AM - 26 Jul 2015


Hey Aloha, malaise.. thank you for posting about the President in Kenya!

Pic for the road..

The President’s Sunday In Kenya And Ethiopia

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