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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"What I did and said was stupid and arrogant.".. Now that it is a heartfelt apology, brave!

.. and the best description of what went down towards supporters of #BlackLlivesMatter @ NRN.

Wow.. so glad he came to his senses and made a public apology.. like a commenter stated..

"this sincere apology. It takes a strong person to do this. Bravo!"

Mahalo for this, bravenak.. It's most heartening and encouraging.

I like Juror #7's view, Sancho..

Juror #7 voted to LEAVE IT ALONE
Explanation: Right wing is not defined by failure to worship at the cult of bernie and to suppress all information that doesn't flatter him. We already have an NSA. We don't need additional censorship of news simply because you don't like the truth. How sad to know that support for a candidate requires keeping the public ignorant.

Thank you, MediaMatters! Another important story the NYT got dead wrong..

snip from your link//

"But the above quote is actually from an article I wrote 15 years about how the New York Times railroaded Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee; how the paper portrayed him as a Chinese spy, and suggested the Clinton administration had let him roam free while the communist sympathizer stole vital U.S. secrets.

The initial Lee hysteria was virtually sponsored by the New York Times, which was eventually forced to publish a long mea culpa in an attempt to explain how the paper got the spy story so wrong.

"How the New York Times helped railroad Wen Ho Lee"


“It starts out with allegations, none of which turn out to be true,” notes Walter Pincus, who has covered the Lee story for the Washington Post.

“Obviously they should be embarrassed,” says Robert Vrooman, retired Los Alamos counterintelligence chief. “Gerth and Risen were in over their heads and they got snookered.”


More NYT reporters "over their heads".. uh huh.

Mahalo BooScout


Mahalo YoungDemCA!.. Some Tweets from Kenya.. "First time a POTUS has visited there.."!

darlene superville
✔ ‎@dsupervilleap
.@POTUS woke up to this in #Kenya
6:51 PM - 24 Jul 2015

ST Foreign Desk ‎@STForeignDesk
Obama defends his multi-billion-dollar electricity initiative in Africa
http://str.sg/ZWzP #ObamaInKenya
12:11 AM - 25 Jul 2015

he Star, Kenya
✔ ‎@TheStarKenya
US to give Sh101 billion fund for women centres in Kenya, Zambia, Mali - Obama. http://ow.ly/Q4gnG
11:54 PM - 24 Jul 2015 15 15 Retweets

✔ ‎@KTNKenya
President Barack Obama listening to one of the youth entrepreneurs #GES2015Kenya


A lot could change by the time they're ready but now I'm thinking..


Julian Castro has had Executive Experience as President Obama's HUD Secretary. I've read that his two terms in office as San Antonio's mayor was "largely symbolic as they have a manager.."

Julian Castro Is in VP Training Camp


Castro was reelected twice as mayor of San Antonio, a largely symbolic position (the city is effectively run by a manager). He wants to leave his mark on HUD, a storied if often troubled department created in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson to serve American cities and communities. This year is the 50th anniversary of HUD, whose first secretary, Robert Weaver, was the first African-American Cabinet member, “a ground-breaking appointment,” says Castro.


"When he got the call from Obama about a year ago to assess his interest in HUD, Castro says he saw “a chance to use housing to create opportunity in people’s lives.” He’s about to announce a push for more broadband access into public housing. “If you’re willing to work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to move up,” he says. The most “impactful” work HUD does is working with the FHA to make housing more affordable, he says, “so people in public housing can be upwardly mobile.” Securing loans for people of modest means was “too easy” before the housing bubble burst; “now it’s too hard,” he says"


Mahalo GH

And, besides that, LG.. It's sexist and demagogical. Hillary is her own person.. she's not

President Clinton.

She's worked hard on her own and has her own experience to get this far.

Yes! This is THE most Important Issue we have, domestically.. on par with the Environment and


#BlackLivesMatter: Liberal Activists Shift 2016 Endorsement Rules


Mahalo Bains~

"What the hell is happening at The New York Times?" This kind of shite from the NYT just makes

Hillary supporters more determined.


"The heavy breathing of deception or incompetence by the Times doesn’t stop there. In fact, almost every paragraph at the top of the story is wrong, misleading or fundamentally deceptive."


"In our hyper-partisan world, many people will not care about the truth here. That the Times story is false in almost every particular—down to the level of who wrote what memo—will only lead to accusations that people trying to set the record straight are pro-Hillary. I am not pro-Hillary. I am, however, pro-journalism. And this display of incompetence or malice cannot stand without correction."


Thank you, Kurt Eichenwald! And, Mahalo DeepModemMom~

Mahalo for including me in the "very bogus hide" group, brer! I was quoting a bernie supporter's

name in Quotes and it got hidden .. because the Bernie supporter's name was "Bernie Blower".. who subsequently got banned for being a troll.

Not my fault he had a stupid name. And, no one can appeal.. citing the ignorance of the jury. We're just stuck with that damn hide .. for 3 months.

And, then there are those who want to silence 1StrongBlackMan and bravenak for daring to voice their concerns as African Americans.

It's really a warped system now.. because not all members show responsibility when they're on jury duty.. it's not like we can screen to sniff out bias for a jury selection.

And, they're accusing the person call them on it as "..fitting right in with the Stasi"..


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