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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, their big mistake was dismissing valid questions from our Black Community on DU..

Trying to shut them down.. notably 1StrongBlackMan.. but, it didn't work.

Claiming those who had questions about Bernie's strategy were calling him a "racist".. that didn't work. So here we are.. The Black Community on Black Twitter wasn't impressed, either.. and #berniesoblack was born.

Thanks Kitty, well done.

Another great answer.. and she means it! Mahalo Nancy

Hillary Clinton Black lives matter. Everyone in this country should stand firmly behind that. We need to acknowledge some hard truths about race and justice in this country, and one of those hard truths is that that racial inequality is not merely a symptom of economic inequality. Black people across America still experience racism every day. Since this campaign started, I've been talking about the work we must do to address the systemic inequities that persist in education, in economic opportunity, in our justice system. But we have to do more than talk - we have to take action. For example - we should make sure every police department in the US has body cameras. We should provide alternatives to incarceration for low-level offenders. We should invest in early childhood education for every child. We should fight for voting rights and universal voter registration. You will continue to hear me talking about these issues throughout this campaign and pushing for real solutions. -H

Ha! Good one, Hillary!

"Hillary Clinton Wow. If that’s what he said, Mitch McConnell really doesn’t get it. There is a gender card being played in this campaign. It’s played every time Republicans vote against giving women equal pay, deny families access to affordable child care or family leave, refuse to let women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. These aren’t just women’s issues, they are economic issues that drive growth and affect all Americans. Anyone who doesn’t get that doesn’t understand what our lives are like. -H"

Mahalo Nancy!

White House finds way around Hobby Lobby birth control decision!

HuffPost Politics
✔ ‎@HuffPostPol
White House finds way around Hobby Lobby birth control decision http://huff.to/1D5RH7e
10:11 PM - 10 Jul 2015

President Obama standing up for Women everywhere, she~

Thank you!

Tally ‎@bardgal
@CecileRichards YES!!! My $134 a month birth control pills are FREEEEE!!! THANKS OBAMA!! ❤³
3:26 PM - 7 Jul 2015

Yeah, I'd be happy, too!

Hillary did it from Arkansas! Are they nuts?! Don't they have a clue that Tia Oso and the

activists of #BlackLivesMatter don't let other people do their thinking for them.

Netroots Notebook: Sanders Slips, O'Malley Misses, #BlackLivesMatter Wins

by Jason Johnson


The Power of Black Twitter! Thank you, Don.. @AngryBlackLady's not playin..

Imani Gandy ‎@AngryBlackLady

If I see one more Bernie acolyte mention that he marched with MLK, I'm going to burn the Internet to the ground. @EdDescault @Eclectablog
4:23 AM - 19 Jul 2015

That @AngryBlackLady tweet, sent out to her 35,000 followers, inspired Roderick Morrow—who runs the “Black Guy Who Tips” comedy podcast with his wife, Karen—to launch the mocking hashtag #BernieSoBlack:

Morrow, who goes by @rodimusprime on Twitter and has more than 11,000 followers, said he was surprised his impromptu hashtag suddenly took off. “I just thought it was a funny joke!” he told The Daily Beast. But he added that his lighthearted jab was rooted in a serious concern about Sanders’s candidacy.


Absolutely, Nance.. and President Obama should have been primaried in 2012 like bernie wanted..

Bernie Sanders: Let’s primary Obama


"President Obama is under attack these days from all manner of nasty conservatives who don’t care for his liberal, big spending ways. They seem to have found an unlikely ally, though, in the person of the only officially declared socialist in Congress… Bernie Sanders."


"So I would say to Ryan [sic] discouragement is not an option. I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition."


Sanders really had his finger on the pulse of the Nation.. so endearing to the Black Community and people like me.

And, now he's running against President Obama's legacy.. good luck with that Bernie..

Obama, Dean, McCarthy: What Presidential Candidate Does Bernie Sanders Most Resemble?


".. First, Sanders is running as much against Obama’s legacy as against anything pertaining specifically to Hillary Clinton. Second, all the revisionist history in the world won’t erase the fact that Obama, despite his strong appeal to liberal activists angry at HRC’s vote for the Iraq War, had a trans-ideological and even bipartisan appeal that Sanders is too consistently credentialed to rival."


Oh yes, freshwest.. there was action all over the net about this from the Black Community..

but, so many on DU wanted to just make it go away and silence those who were asking questions. Accuse them of calling Bernie a racist.. which couldn't have been further from the truth..

"If your plan for building a left victory in the US isn't grounded in the fight against race and gender oppression you're an idiot. Period."

And, now it's just exploded with #BlackLivesMatter at NRN.

to Angus Johnson and to you, fresh!

Especially the Blacks ones.. "If you show up in #berniesoblack to derail it or shut it down instead

of listening, you're proving our point."

Jade Helms Deep ‎@eclecticbrotha
If you show up in #BernieSoBlack to derail it or shut it down instead of listening, you're proving our point.
7:49 AM - 19 Jul 2015
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Really. thank you, 1StrongBlackMan~ Edit to add your quote..

"Kind of like this? ...

I spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and dignity, but if you don’t want me to be here that’s OK. I don’t want to out-scream people.

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