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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Wow.. this caught my eye..

While the Obama/Biden administration was taking historic steps to allow observant Sikhs to serve in the US military, Harris was fighting hard to deny religious freedom and equal opportunity to Sikh Americans,” Jolly said.

Good for the Obama/Biden Admin! They don't get enough credit.

So predictable from the M$M..

What gives? Didn’t the Twitter left just declare that Harris had eviscerated Biden? As usual, it interpreted events according to its own assumptions; and reporters, as usual, ran with the story being told in the loudest voices.

Thanks, Yo

Yes, she said she "didn't think Biden

was racist" and "Voters don't want a food fight.." right before she threw the metaphorical "plate full of Spaghetti" in his face.

Yes, unfortunately it seems to be"deliberate"

because they can't address the article that has Harris' own words that this is "an albatross around my neck".

I ever said one negative word about her before the debate but since it seems fair enough that her history is not buried. I couldn't care less about her "affair with Willy Brown" that's private.. but the "patronage gifts" are public domain.

"As a young, liberal Democratic senator 45 years ago, Biden firmly opposed busing, and he was right

to do so"

Haven't there been articles around here that state Busing wasn't that popular back then.. not just with Boston?

Money shot!

In the days following the debate, the liberal media chorus declared that of course opposition to forced busing was wrong, of course Biden had been on “the wrong side of history,” and of course he should acknowledge the error of his ways. A visitor from Mars could be forgiven for assuming that racial busing had been wise and beneficial, and that no reasonable mind could deny it.

But, Reasonable Minds did deny it!

When asked who would be the best leader: Biden 26%, Harris 16%, Sanders & Warren 15%

When asked who would be the best leader, Biden again tops the field with 26 percent, an 18-point drop from the 44 percent he received the last time this question was asked. Harris finishes second with 16 percent, up from 6 percent in April. Sanders and Warren are tied with 15 percent, while no other candidate reaches double digits.


That's so good to hear.. on the

ground, behind the scenes, reports like this.. Thank You!

I read your post in the Symone Sanders Tweet thread and I had to do a double take.. I thought you would have a Biden pic but you have Kamala's and you were still disappointed in the way she attacked Biden. It was enlightening!

I think President Obama wouldn't be happy about this because he's a Uniter always has been.

Remember this?..

Barack Obama warns progressives to avoid 'circular firing squad'


Excellent points about the Democratic President and Vice President will have to heal our Country and by extension the world.

I think President Obama and VP Biden did a brilliant job of just that.. after the bush-cheney nightmare.

He is getting "dragged".. here's a sample..

Mahalo for making me look, Kahuna!

Good for Joe Biden and President Obama.. That was

the beginning which.. culminated..

She did get support from the AA

Community.. they both did..
We'll see what happens down the line..

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