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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,225

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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LUCIAN K. TRUSCOTT IV & EarlG had practically the same thought on this..

Were you watching the last night of the Republican National Convention on Thursday night? It looked like a Nuremberg rally on Nembutal. Whatever they gave him before he took the stage overlooking the back lawn of the White House, they managed to get max-automaton out of him. Holding onto the podium like he was on the deck of a pitching ship at sea, Trump droned through 70 minutes of his acceptance speech like a seventh-grader giving a book report on "Great Expectations" in English class. He had that strange singsong delivery he does when he's reading off a teleprompter: sentence pause phrase pause now comes the big applause line and they clap and it says I can look at the audience and give them a smile and point to someone ...

Well Done!

Mahalo LeBron & Pres Obama!!!!! Well Said!

"We know that voting will not end our pain. Voting cannot bring back those killed by the police officers sworn to protect us. Voting cannot erase the scars of slavery and segregation. It cannot change our history, but it can change our future.

"If it couldn't, those in power wouldn't be trying so hard to take the right to vote away from us. They wouldn't be trying so hard to erect barriers to the ballot box."

Mahalo, Budi...

Have they confronted trump.. whose fault it is the COVID Pandemic Spread, bc he called it a "democrat Hoax for 70 day"? While carting around the golf course & staging hatefest Rallies Against our Democracy?!

And, encouraging Americans to Not wear masks & drink BLEACH for god's sake?



RtX6! All the Maggats on Display.. all Complicit to the

Treasonous Attempt to Destroy America with their Gaslighting FLAGS & Bibles, & Extreme HOGWASH!

Especially Big Mouth Kim & melania in her Soldier outfit ready to help the russians elevate her GD STUPID "husband".

LOL! While having an ASSFACE..


Yes, Internet.. TY! Dan Rather tweet on the thread..


American Patriots have created a Larger Dossier on

trumPutin & his Crime family fuckups

Daniel Dale is an *amazing* journalist. Such a good human. If other journalist were as good

Found out tonight that he's Canadian!



TY, hpd! Amen on This 2nd Tweet re: Danial Dale! Rt!

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