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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,225

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Rt!WOW! Poor dad.. That's an Excellent Expose of Putin's Puppet!!!


Fred Guttenberg noted the Puppet's dripping face.. he

doesn't appear to be leaning here but I've read in other posts how much he was Leaning & holding on.
The m$m should Mention that like they would if a Dem were doing it.

Yes, her stupid outfits always send a message.. she's so "clever"


Puppet's ASSFACE.. he always has it puckered up like an Asshole.


Joy Reid.. "What you are watching now.."


It's Not "pointless".. Nancy has pointed out what

trump is. "jerking his chain". Nancy is "smart".

And, so is Joe Biden..

That Needs to be Super VIRAL! Rt! No country will take us.. TeaPain..


I know what you mean about walking around

after the storm! Where was this?

My Mom's hometown of Limon Colorado got completely Flattened in June 1990 by a Tornado & miraculously no one was killed. I was living in Denver then & so was she.. which is 100 miles West of Limon. Mother Nature she can be a wild beast!

Vivid description of what it was like when you came up from the cellar, Budi.

I had a flash of walking over & around all the giant debris & we saw the National Guard rolling into town & we all started Cheering & Waving with Gratitude!

Mahalo for that synopsis on Iniki, Budi!

We were without electricity for 3 months.. lots of generators making ICE, though.

We went through it in my son's house.. with 11 of his surfing buddies. We were lucky.. it felt like it was going to Blow but it didn't. Just sounded like a Bullet Train was coming right at us! Scary Crap!

Stephen Spielberg flew supplies in on his private plane. He had been making Jurassic Park here.

Lots of camping on the Beach!

It's a fucking way to insult Joe Biden's Excellent performance

in his last debate against Sanders. lol

So glad FUCKHEAD was Impressed.. now he can go STFU & get back to his Desperate Rabid RAT Corner.
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