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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,225

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Of course.. The Shithole media gets down in the sewer with

the trumps and wallows around.

They don't give a shite if trump's a treasonous psychotic Liar & Joe Biden is a patriot.

They held President Obama to a higher standard too.. how dare he wear a tan suit!????

the US media is one of the reasons we have trump in the first place.

TY dalton! Here's another one..

Rt Obots Tweet!

Thank you, Eric Boelert! The press aren't the only ones

trying to "normalize" her. But the gd press is what had a big hand in getting us the treasonous fascist ASSFACE in the first place.

Yes, just a coincidence.. nothing to see here.. please move along..


She endorsed Joe Biden for President!


It's Still UGLY & looks like a Mausoleum.. pics don't LIE.


Bullshit Gaslighter! oh yeah "great speech"


Thank You! lol I agree with JS.. & Disagree with those who didn't really

listen to all her words & think "it's a great speech".. Just No.

Just giving her cover for all the Gaslighting Shit that went down.

There was something about online bullying that she was taking on as a pet project awhile back when her "husband" is the biggest gd online Bully alive.

She's creepy looking & knowing what she

stands for makes it so.


Wow.. well done, samplegirl.. Thank You!

I watched as Melania walked out to the Rose Garden, that she ripped to shreds, taking out Jackie Kennedy's flowering trees and all the roses of every first lady since the 50's to put down concrete sidewalks, looking the wife of the Fuhrer and dressed the part in her military green fatiques. Oh boy, I braced for what was to come after the Mussolini bitch ready to jump off the 3rd floor for the demon spawn of last night.
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