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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,398

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That says Everything about he Fucking Stupidity of

trump & his maggots and NOTHING about Joe Biden.

& MeidasTouch.. Lies Have Consequences.. they put his out at 4am


"Lies Have Consequences"


Oh yeah.. I don't want him dead like he caused all

the victims of COVID to be.. he needs to go down in a burning pile of metaphorical ashes.

RtX3 & Ouch!


trump was sure Hopped up at the debate on Tues.. MOCKING

Biden wearing MASKs All Over the Place.

There's Always a Fucking Tweet with that

gd Mocker.

Who's sick now? With something trump Lied about for 70 days.. spewing COVID was a "democrat hoax" & endlessly Mocking those who wear Masks.

Like Joe Biden in the DEBATE.

Rt! "All LIES Have Consequences"!!! trump

Mocking Biden at Debate For Wearing a MASK!

Did trump know he had the trump Virus then?!!
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Right TY.. I was just coming back to add

that it was Wednesday night on the way home from the Minnesota Rally..


trump knew about Hicks Wednesday & it was kept quiet until CNN broke the news(( read) & now both the trumps have it.

No longer a secret.. just like the Dangers of CoVID were finally exposed as Not a "democrat hoax".

Somebody's going to write a stranger than fiction book about this someday.. & then the movie.

Hell No.. Joe wears Masks. he can extend his

wishes for a quick recovery for the Mocker of Masks and that would be ridiculous to suspend his campaign.
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