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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes, & there's an article in LBN that

trump claims.. he won & he will continue the debates.


Side note.. trump sent his fans a tweet Before the Debate that said he WON.
Psycho is crawling deeper & deeper into his own dark fantasy Hole

indeed! Biden should also remind trump

that he sent a mass email out to his followers Before the Debate that he "had won".

Of course the cult is so stupid they don't care but others might.

trump showed off to the world Why he needs

to be Voted out. BACKFIRE!

It seems his "strategy", though, of heckling & extreme disruption, And Not answering questions was Avoidance of his Major FAILINGS.. like over 200,000 dead from his Lethal LIES on COVID & his Broke Status from his Tax Returns.. that he fought tooth & nail Not to have released.

So how did that work out for him?

ETA~ after reading the thread.. I agree that trump threw a Shitshow to throw Biden off his game & try to make him look weak.. That didn't work.

It just showed off trump to be a "Shit show".

Of course.. the Horrors of Biden telling the

Murdering Treasonous, "Lethal LIES" Clown to "shut up, man!"

Where have I heard that Before?! smh. Seems to me with all the $$$$$, Biden & Harris

are getting tossed their way, that PEOPLE want to make sure the Political Process of Voting them in the WH is a Success.

trump, obviously, is the one who's trying to undermine the Political Process with his 29% Base Cult.

Yes, Racism is a huge driving Issue of the Maggots.. & trump plays it to the hilt.. " white supremacists" anyone.. proud boys"?

Wow.. TY for all these tweets, orleans!


Who's the new one? The new one was in trouble over Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal.




Rt.. Chasten Buttigieg & Hillary tweets!


Fucking Abusive Bully.. "Bad Things happen" to those

who Spew Lethal Lies & Kill People

It "..won't end well.. " for trump.
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