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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,406

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

No, take comfort magat cult.. If Biden WINS it Proves

the Election was NOT "rigged". Boom.

trump is always inciting "violence". he Failed as the Siberian Candidate & it drives him more insane that everyone knows.. except his brainwashed cult.

Yeah, we know! my question is.. WHY DOEs Psychotrump have to

to be Drugged? Rt

This is what I texted to Pres Obama

Aloha Pres Obama & FL Michelle. We're hanging in there.. Fired Up to GOTV!! Mahalo So Much for Doing This.. Brilliant idea..

With a bunch of dolphins, surfer, Sun rising on the horizon of the Ocean, blue birdy & purple heart!

Yes I heard back from Barack!


TY so much, ailsagirl.. Here's the tweet pic.. Rt!


And So Many actual Patriots have the Limitations

of COVID to Remind them, every single Day, that trump LIED about it.. calling it a "democrat hoax for 70 days" while he carted his assface around the golf course.

he kept Spreading the turmp Virus with his WH anti-mask Propaganda & Pushing Woo cures, Too.

Got a Fear Text from AZ Maggots..

Addressed to "Jerry" (Not my name)..

Jerry, AZ's Senate Race is now more critical! If Mark Kelly wins he'll be sworn in immediately & block trump's nominee. Support Martha.

I texted back..

Go Capt Mark Kelly & TY Cindy McCain!!

RtX2.. what turned her?


Where the hell is all this money coming from?!



RtX2 Wow that is Some Endorsement &

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