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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 261,987

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Rt Brett.. Brilliant! TY Crunchy


Only trump spent months outright Lying about the Virus

calling it a "democrat hoax for 70 days".. and then Mocking Masks & everyone who wore one right up to the Debate with Joe Biden.

We have the Woodward Tapes of trump confessing to thank for that.

And, yes.. trump is guilty as charged with everything you wrote..

Lies Have Consequences..
They learned NOTHING from their Tulsa Rally Tragedy when Maskless Herman Cain got it & died.. I think it was 4 months later.

Rt!Wow! This tweet resonated with a lot of people.


Throw this in their face..

Yeah, like Lies Have Consequences..


lol I was saying "Fuck trump and his Maggots.."


That says Everything about he Fucking Stupidity of

trump & his maggots and NOTHING about Joe Biden.

& MeidasTouch.. Lies Have Consequences.. they put his out at 4am


"Lies Have Consequences"


Oh yeah.. I don't want him dead like he caused all

the victims of COVID to be.. he needs to go down in a burning pile of metaphorical ashes.
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