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Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Louisiana
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 8,515

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Favorite Group: Hillary Clinton group

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My dear, I am so very sorry.

I am 71 years old, and have some very precious daughters and sons. As a woman facing her mortality, I will tell you this. What hurts me most now, is knowing how my children will hurt after my death. If I had one wish, I would wish that they would not hurt, but, instead, remember what they loved about me every day, and shower their loved ones with those good feelings that I bring them, not the sad ones. I would want them to especially remember the funny times we had, the laughter ringing in the house; and would want them to know how special their laughter is to me even after death.

However, I know that this is easy to say and very hard to do. We are still suffering from their father's death, even though it has been over three years. Grief has its stages. Just remember, this is stage 1, and there is an abatement to grief eventually. Then the memories are very important. Your Mom would certainly give you her permission to be relieved that she is out of pain, to laugh as much as you can, and remember the precious as well as ironic moments. Cry all you want and do not give anyone permission to limit your time of grief. It belongs to you and your precious Mom.

North Carolina is a wonderful state, full of natural beauty and wonderful people.

They are an oasis in the middle of a desert South. Kudos to all of you for working your hearts out for this wonderful man that we are lucky to have as President. This reminds me of how the world envied us for having Bill Clinton. Even when the stupid impeachment was going on, Ireland was begging him to come there. The Democratic Party is full of wonderful talent, male and female. A flute and a salute to us! Hillary 2016!

You're so right!

Additionally, we need to be investing in alternative energy instead of playing to the oil companies. They never want to stop making money on oil and gas, even if it kills the planet. It was my belief that with a democratic administration, alternative energy would be our primary focus. Gosh, what happened? Money, that's what happened. Big oil is responsible for major destruction of our world and never pay for it. We still have places in the swamp in Louisiana that have never been cleaned up after oil exploration and drilling occurred here incessantly. This killed off a lot of our hunting, fishing and tourism industries, not to mention the pollution caused to our air, waterways and ground water. What price jobs? Do we want to trade our planet for big oil? They give so little back for this destruction, that profit to us, it's citizens, is negligible. We have the sun and the wind, and they don't pollute. My family still mistrusts gulf seafood. Louisiana has been destroyed by those bastards, big oil! I should add that politicians who accept monetary rewards for selling out Louisiana are as much to blame as big oil. We have some good ones, but they are few and far between.
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