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Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
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So well said!

On behalf of my brother, who has been slowly dying from agent orange introduced into his lungs after three tours in vietnam, I thank you.

I am so glad that during Vietnam and Iraq I never shut up about the idiocies of both of these wars. We have so many soldiers who cannot face the realities of the reasons they were sent to these quagmires that it is heartbreaking. They cannot face that they were used by a government they respected and a country they loved. I know my brother and countless others understand how they were used. I wish for him and all other wonderful men, women and families, who were decimated by these wars, peace in their hearts. They are heroes whether acknowledged or not.

All we can do now is cherish them and remember. Never again? Hell, we said that after Vietnam! Stay strong in the belief that wiser hearts might not prevail, but prevent worse atrocities by our diligence, and perhaps a due questioning of the legitimacy of wars by our supposed leadership. We will never know how effective our protests are, but we are required by our hearts and minds to continue protesting and doing everything we can to see that we are responsible and compassionate citizens of the world.
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