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Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Louisiana
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 8,515

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Favorite Group: Hillary Clinton group

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Excuse me, I asked for no links.

My suggestion was that we all need more discussion on it; but, this thread is about a Hillary presidential run and its inevitability.

As far as a corporatist presidency is concerned: In the hoped for event that Citizens United will someday be overturned, that is one of the major reasons why we desperately need a democratic win in 2016. If the republicans get to put even more conservative judges on the court, Citizens United will never be overturned.

For this reason, we need the most electable candidate possible; imho, that is Hillary. We also need a woman to take advantage of all the bad press the republicans are getting over "women's issues",and, no other woman or man in the democratic party is as qualified as Hillary Rodham Clinton to become the next President of the United States.

I loved Bill Clinton and hated NAFTA. I voted for Ross Perot because of it. We cannot and will not ever have a perfect President who pleases all of the people all of the time, etc. On the surface, I already hate TPP, and can fight against it like hell whomever is President.

I did not even attempt to be an expert on TPP; however, there are many things I am heavily educated on and, on those issues, I speak out.

I do not have the time nor the desire to know all there is to know politically these days. I choose my battles carefully and attempt to get an overall picture of coming attractions or disasters and post on them.

DU is a huge forum with a lot of very wonderful and educated people. All of our voices, knowledge and opinions make it an outstanding place to go to on the internet for information, which is forthcoming because we have so many who contribute their knowledge and wisdom; of course, if we get bored with all of that serious thinking, we can always slip off to the lounge for a drink of fun.

You took offense when none was intended. Because of you, I did some research on TPP, and will do more, after I take my required naps of the day, and catch up on some frivolous fiction. I am, after all, retired.

I do beg your pardon if I didn't know you were a woman.

Last time I checked there was not an "F" of "M" beside our mostly disguised gender names.

I also do not know your age; but, am guessing that I am somewhat older than you. Please correct me, if I am wrong. I am 72 years old.

Most of my young adult life was spent trying to get out from under the ever present male, who controlled my life. There were many of us, and we worked hard to be seen as intelligent humans, and not just a stick with boobs and a convenient knothole. It was very hard for me to gain an education, for women either had money to go to a marriage market college or they were stuck as the "help" or the "girl", and neither of these names were respectful. I had a good brain, but not a chance to enhance it with learning or experience until I was much older. No female doctors of lawyers in my young adult life. Our chance came much later than that.

Probably, this background doesn't interest you. But, it is an explanation for why I believe we need to break that damn glass ceiling; and, this will take a talented and brilliant woman to accomplish, for many men as well as women will be frightened of change. She was taken down in the primary because she didn't have enough "foreign" experience. In other words, because they didn't want a woman and they could grab on to this supposed fault. It didn't matter that she had more experience than anyone else running, and she actually had been a Senator for eight years. It was an excuse because they did not want to scare away the little women voters, because they were voters in higher numbers than men. There were other factors, but none made any sense. Then, Obama needed her. She became SOS, one of our very best, and no more can anyone say she does not have foreign experience.

Before I die, I want a smart, well placed woman to take charge of this country. She's it. There is no one else as well placed. I only hope she will run, and not just say it isn't worth it. It's hard not to feel that way when you watch the first black President beset at every turn. Obama is a brilliant man, he's loyal to his wife and children, etc., but, still, he is just not good enough for those white haired, shit-eating, arrogant white men. To Hell with them! They have torn this country into pieces. I cannot believe what our beloved country has become. I am leaving it in horrible shape for my five children, three of whom are brilliant and well educated women, who will still be living in a country with only male leaders, if that ceiling still stands. I pray every day that she will stay strong and be willing to take up the sword. If she doesn't, I can only say "Thank You, brave woman! You gave it your all. The Democratic Party desperately needs to stay the party "with the big tent". So Mote it Be.

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