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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 80,336

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First they came for Planned Parenthood, and I mean that literally. PP has been dealing with threats

… and the murder of doctors, nurses, and clinic staffers for many decades. They were doxxed before doxxing was a thing. “Wanted” posters went up online. Their children were stalked to and from school.

Now that the radicals have the SCOTUS of their dreams and Roe has been overturned, they have to move on to other targets while we sane people are distracted by cleaning up the wreckage of Dobbs.

The future is here, right now. We hang together — or we will surely hang separately.

Texas bounty hunters cartoon, by David Horsey

This struck me deeply when it was published several months ago, and still does. I wanted to use it in a DU conversation recently and it took me days to find it and more days to figure out a way to copy it here. Too late for the person I was trying to communicate with, but I hope you will be okay with my putting it here where I can find it again. Now I can bookmark it properly, and add it to my Journal.

Any comments welcome, but not necessary. I know you all get it. Thank you.



There are so many that I want a "Favorites" on YouTube and a DVD to keep forever

Pointing at Trump in a meeting of powerful men all looking at their hands: “With you, it always comes back to Russia”

Another time: “Do not underestimate the power I bring to this”

Stalking out of the White House in that red coat.

Ripping up his “Manifesto of Lies”

and last but certainly not least:

Saving our democracy while under personal threat of death from a mob and a renegade potus

80,000 posts over 20 years. Who'da thunk it? Thank you, Founders/Admins. Thank you friends...

And as I am a night owl, let me quote Edna St. Vincent Millay…

“My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!”

May lovely light follow you all.

My civil rights and the democracy of our republic are not a secondary concern, thank you so much

I hope the best for them & their future after this brutal experience. The fact that women are...

… speaking up so publicly in such numbers should tell us that what the fanatics call “abortion” with such venom is understood by most women and men to be a medical procedure, and a necessary part of women’s health care.

No more and no less than treatment for breast cancer — if it has to be done it has to be done, to save the woman’s life.

This understanding by the public gives me hope, and it is a product of Roe v Wade having been on the books for 50 years. Out of the back alleys, it became the medical procedure it always was supposed to be. With new technology came the ability to spot deadly abnormalities and to spare women’s lives, and as this couple so clearly understands, to spare their potential child a lifetime of hideous suffering.

Let me repeat: The fact that women are speaking up so publicly and in such numbers should tell us that what the fanatics call “abortion” with such venom is understood by most women and men to be a medical procedure, and a necessary part of women’s health care.

Personally, I think abortion is an issue of democracy, civil rights, & health care. When 51%...

… of the population turns on the TV and sees that the GOP wants to take all of that away from us, it has a way of overriding blather about inflation.

I don’t know what you mean by “negative impact,” but I sure know what I mean by “negative impact.”

For 51% of the population, it was about our civil rights, about our health, about our life & death...

…about our right to live in a democracy.

The issue of reproductive rights is not “just” about abortion — it is about everything.

No need to apologize, scipan. Ode to Joy is a monument to humanity. This is my favorite version

It makes me cry every time. Brotherhood, yes. Daughters of Elysium, yes.

Harry Belafonte in Los Angeles, Summer 1961. An outdoor theatre -- just lovely

I was 13 and visiting friends of the family. Mrs M and another lady took me, and aside from the performance and his marvellous voice, I learned something surprising about grown-up ladies.

On the way home, Mrs M’s friend said, “He can put his shoes under my bed any time.”

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