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The Brooks Bros Riot was unique in its participants: well-dressed, upscale, & bound for GOP glory

Every so often someone posts the names of those jerks (so I know you can find it if you look) and you will be aghast at who they grew up to be. I think one of them was a young man named Brett Kavanaugh.

So far, the people participating in the current actions look like typical Trump cultists: downscale and none-too-bright. Someone is pulling their strings from behind the scenes, and the only "glory" they can expect is from the Rapture.

It matters because they are Swiftboating Joe Biden. If we don't fight back hard, the story festers..

...and metastasizes.

Remember when it happened to Senator John Kerry? He was a genuine war hero, wounded in action, who commanded a "Swiftboat" in the Vietnam War. By the time the GOP was done with him, they had managed to search under every rock until they found a couple of disgruntled vets who were willing to lie about his record, and they painted Senator Kerry as a coward who lied about his service and lied about his documented wounds.

That is the meaning of "Swiftboating." Take something good and honorable about a person -- in the present case VP Biden's unblemished reputation as a devoted family man -- and find some lowlife willing to lie and smear until he's destroyed.

That's what's going on here. As far as I am concerned Ms Ocasio-Cortez can go to hell. I am done with her.

LA Times: "How a stockpile of 39 million masks was exposed as fake"

Apr. 11, 2020

How a stockpile of 39 million masks was exposed as fake

A powerful California union that thought it had made a deal to purchase 39 million masks for healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus was duped in an elaborate scam that originated overseas, federal prosecutors say.

Authorities who stumbled onto the scheme while looking to seize the masks for the Federal Emergency Management Agency found there were in fact no masks.

This showed up from the LA Times in my email today. Just read and re-read this snippet from a Kafkaesque world.

Update on my brother (kind of funny)

Just before Thanksgiving last year it looked like #1 brother was going to die from complications related to COPD. He was in the ICU, home again, then back to the ICU. Sister, #2 brother, and I started preparing ourselves for coast to coast emergency flights over the TG weekend to say goodbye. I did something I've never done before, anywhere, much less at DU: I asked for prayers, and kind words poured in.

Meanwhile, someone at the clinic suggested a deep cleaning of his living space, on the chance that he was getting reinfected there. #2 brother knows the landlady, who's actually a very old friend of #1 brother, and at his request she hired a crew to wade in. Fortunately she also took a few "before" pictures -- because it cost us $1300. Ye gods.

He didn't get sick again. He stabilized. Deep cleaning, siblings, old friends, and prayers....

So here's today's update, straight from #2 brother, and it made me laugh. Sometimes being a cantankerous old coot really is what's called for.

Have either of you (we sisters) been tested? If not then Jay is the first. He called his doctor today (I think it is a nurse-practitioner at the clinic) and told them he has his yearly upper respiratory infection. They sent a "mini-ambulance" for him and strapped him in a wheelchair in the back and trucked him off to the clinic in Depoe Bay, where they tested him for both the flu and Covid-19. They then prescribed him a z-pack and tried to send him home. He did not go quietly and insisted that they stop at the pharmacy so that he could pick up the z-pack. Oh Mr. C__ they said, that is not part of the program! The Oregon Health Plan does not cover trips to your pharmacy! But I will have to walk back from my house to the pharmacy, and it is on the way! After phone calls in transit, they decided to bend the rules, and let him scamper into the pharmacy to get his cure. The driver had to take a break and check the air in the tires, or something.... Well, turns out the doctor called the wrong pharmacy, and they did not have anything for Jay and they would not call the doctor. That apparently is not part of the program either! So he said m'am, I am going to sit in this chair right here until you call them and get this sorted out. I am sick, I need the medicine, and I can't walk home and back as I can't drive any more.

So they did call the doctor, and get it sorted out, and the mini-ambulance took him home, with his cure.

And today, both tests came back negative, so he did not have the flu or Covid-19 when tested, but after the ambulance ride and trip to the pharmacy, who knows......

Well, it wasn't a Seder, but I lit candles, poured wine & called on absent friends & dead parents...

Well, it wasn't a Seder, but I lit candles, poured wine & called on absent friends & dead parents. Toasted Governor Newsom.
Cursed Trump, I admit it.

I stopped doing Passover years ago when DH wanted to do a drush on Buddhism (I ask you, is this the time? No, not really, when you're asking me to knock myself out for a Seder). We've been together nearly 40 years.

But what I am is a Mythologist (trust me, I'm a doctor) and someone more on the Goddess path than otherwise, and I couldn't get this plague and this wannabe Pharoah out of my mind.

I started an altar a week ago. Tonight we had candles and wine with our dinner, and we both toasted our absent beloveds, living and dead. Tomorrow I will harvest bitter herbs from my garden to add to my altar. Tonight, at last, the salt water of my tears is released.

There are lessons for us today in this thousands-years old story. Persevere. Keep going. Though the desert seems to go on forever, you will find the well of living water when you need it most. Drink deep. Live to tell the tale.

I raise my glass to you all, my friends.

Links to DU discussions regarding DIY masks. Quilter's' guilds all over the country are now sewing

....as fast as they can.

I sent the following as an email to my brother and sister on March 25, which seems like a year ago.

Cloth Masks, because you never know

A group of volunteer seamstresses in Ojai, Ventura County, made the news tonight because they heard about the shortage.

I make no warranties. These are simply the discussion threads I bookmarked that looked of interest, like the one for the 3D printer. Jennifer's son actually has one at home he uses for work, so I sent her that link after I sent it to you (last week?)

This links to a discussion thread because I don't quite know how to extract the photos etc. I only dispute the last comment because, well hell, when you have nothing else...

Another, from a medical journal, 2008




Sent from my iPad

We boast that the entire planet is intricately connected & are surprised at what travels with us?

Just have a look at the maps of airline flights -- daily, hourly. Seven Billion Humans.

No airports where you are? Never fear, little virus, a local highway will take you to the heart of the Navajo Rez, a local river and footpath will take you into the Amazon.

It's not about dietary habits that one part of the world thinks is tasty and another part of the world thinks is disgusting. It's about US as human beings, wherever we are.

Thruout the Irish Potato Famine, landlords routinely shipped food out of the country. During COVID19

....Trump's federal government continues to allow (and frankly encourage, by their behavior and words) mask-manufacturers to sell their product overseas to the highest bidder. Did Rachel really just say 210 million?

Wrong revolution, but I am in the mood for a guillotine.

Yes, it was by design. Remember Bannon saying he wanted to "deconstruct the administrative state"?

Remember Grover Norquist saying he wanted to reduce the federal government to the size where it could be drowned in a bathtub, then pull the plug? Remember John Bolton saying the UN was so useless you could take a wrecking ball to the top 10 stories of the building and it would be all to the good?

These evil mf-ers did it all in plain sight, and told us their intent, over a span of at least 40 years. The architects of this catastrophe hate the US government, and public education, and everything else that might be considered the commons, social welfare (ie the social good ) , and the Social Contract.

When Democratic politicians and media people bleat about "the norms," the Social Contract is exactly what they're talking about.

And now Newt Gingrich, one of the most enthusiastic proponents of this destruction, is stuck in Rome (where Callista, wife #3, is ambassador to the Vatican) calling for the full might of the US federal government to be marshalled as it was in WW II for this terrifying battle. Well tough shit, Newt, you had your part in this and it is too late. Try praying.

Smite Trump & his enablers! Smite them! Smite them!

All those calling out for "karma" don't get it. Karma is a process of generations, hanging on from one lifetime to the next. He and his family might come back as cockroaches, or something, but in this lifetime they might continue to prosper and cause misery to to others until stopped by human agency.

What you really want is something more immediate, like the Greek Furies. Once the gods had condemned someone for the sin of hubris, the Furies would pursue that person to the ends of the Earth, tormenting them and and blighting their lives. Oedipus, you may recall, ended up putting out his own eyes.

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