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I support the full range of women's necessary medical care. When women are denied medical care....

...women die.

You don’t get to argue, based on your religion, what gets left out.

If it helps you, let me assure you that no perfect full-term Gerber Babies are being aborted.

Incidentally, in a democracy your religion is not the only one, and it is not the only yardstick for secular laws, which are ethically based. You are free to practice your religion, as I am to practice mine. (If you don't believe in abortion, by all means don’t have one.)

My Goddess encourages thoughtful decision-making, freedom of conscience, and the full range of women’s necessary medical care. I would never force someone who didn’t want an abortion to have one, no matter how stupid I thought that decision might be (there are women with life-threatening medical conditions who defy medical advice and continue a pregnancy, knowing it could kill them and leave their other children orphaned — but it’s not my decision).

Other religions in this country also encourage thoughtful decision-making and freedom of conscience. The basic Buddhist tenet of ahimsa has been used to query Buddhist sages about the issue of abortion — and the answer has been that a woman’s life must also be considered under that rubric, and that she needs to be able to decide for herself what will cause harm to her.

If you want other examples, know that there are quite a few sects of America’s Jewish and Christian communities that are pro-choice, and I can name them.



She brings up her resume all by herself & often. What is your point? That he should pretend ...

...not to take notice of her pride and defiance in that?

A lot of us people who’ve made something of ourselves academically, and sometimes even economically, have had humble beginnings. I canned pineapple in high school, cleaned houses in community college, sales clerked my way to a BA, supported my kids for a time as a secretary (now there’s a low-wage job). Fast forward... in midlife I paused to get a doctorate.

I’ll bring it up if it seems relevant to the discussion, like now. I am far from being ashamed; I’m kind of proud I kept plugging away. OTTH, IRL why bother? I’m not a politician. I’m retired now.

AOC is a politician — she’s young, ambitious, highly verbal, gorgeous (an asset not to be underestimated), and selling her life-story and humble beginnings as part of her political persona. We all notice that — she wants us to notice. Why be surprised if a group of skilled political ad-men also notice? They’re paying her a compliment. They’re offering her a chance to build a very important bridge for altruistic reasons. I hope she takes them up on it.

I don't know anyone alive who wallows in grievances about the Japanese attack in 1941...

If all you know about WWII is how it ended, you are sadly undereducated. Try looking up the Rape of Nanking. The Bataan Death March. The treatment of civilian prisoners.

Dresden was bombed to smithereens too. History is about remembering ALL of what happened. When you can do that, come back and talk to us about how that ghastly war ended.

Coda: the war ended and America led the world in rebuilding the ruins in Europe and Japan — ruins of those who had attacked the rest of the world and tried to take it over.

Thank you, Babylonsister

So, 47% of white women voted for Trump, as did 62% of white men.

While it gags me that anybody in their right mind could ever vote for Trump, the fact remains that if you are going to beat one gender about the head and shoulders, it should not be on the basis that “over half of white women voted for Trump.”

I’ve mentioned once or twice — or maybe a dozen by now— that I have had it up to my teeth with that canard. Left-wing opinion writers, as Chait refers to them, should be asking why significantly fewer women than men voted for Trump; or put another way, why significantly more men than women did so.

From the very beginning I called him the Mad King, long before several cartoonists...

...started portraying him as the nekkid emperor with an ermine-trimmed robe and sometimes King Louis XIV high heels.

It was just so clear — and I knew just who was the heir apparent, too: Crown Princess Ivanka, not her two brothers by Ivana. Princes all, but obviously nowhere near as important, and kept far away from the court on other business. Melania’s obviously the queen consort, and powerful in her own way — she has to be in order to protect her own young son from this nest of vipers. Melania comes by way of a secret treaty with a foreign emperor, as in days of old. Crown Princess Ivanka and her Prince Consort Jared are another marriage of the interests of two powerful houses of crime.

Tiffany — it was so clear from the body language of her half-siblings when she showed up in 2016: she’s just Daddy’s little bastard, and somewhere deep in what they imagine are their hearts they probably blame her birth for their parents’ split-up. I see she has now, by giving the required speech at this year’s RNC doings, managed to insinuate herself into the workings of the Mad King’s court and probably the family business as well — but Tiff, dear, deep in your own heart you’ll always know what they think of you, and that your own mother wasn’t as powerful or as clever as either Ivana or Melania, and is just a cast-off concubine.

I developed this psychological mythology out of a fascinated horror with what I could see of their family, and as a way of coping with it. They are warped, cruel, sick, and entitled, and visibly care for nothing but their own interests. I think they are everything our own Founding Fathers detested about Europe's centuries of monarchies, and feared for the new country they were forming.

They ran for president as Democrats. They lost. They did what was right & supported the winner....

....in order to defeat Trump, who is a very dangerous man indeed. Joe Biden not only won the nomination, he won the presidency by historic margins.

Joe Biden has already put John Kerry in his cabinet as Climate Czar. Biden is elevating the position not only to Cabinet level, but to sit at the National Security level. Kerry has a very long record in this regard. He was endorsed by no less than Al Gore.

Does this make you happy? It makes me happy. Or is it just “throwing the Bernie/AOC supporters a bone” and will they proceed to depart the Party in high dudgeon and, I don’t know, start a 3rd party?

Or is it not even a bone?

Uh-huh. I notice the usual tropes are on display in this thread: quotas, identity politics, ...

...and should only choose a woman if she happens to be the most qualified person in the known universe. It was exactly the same when Obama announced he was going to select a woman for the SCOTUS vacancy.

It’s instructive that when a couple of dozen candidates are presented who are all white men, nobody brings up identity politics, or quotas, or needing to be the most qualified candidate in the known universe.

Why is that, I wonder?

I remember it vividly. LIFE magazine was full of photos of kids in iron lungs...

...during the last great epidemic. Every single school had its quota of kids in heavy metal and leather braces — forever. No ramps, no elevators.

So when the injections became available, every parent in town, with few exceptions, lined their kids up for this new lifesaver. The Anti-Vaxxer Shit was confined to a few fringe religious sects.

It never occurred to me to wonder what my parents paid or if they paid until I was well into my adulthood. We had no money. I realized the vaccination program had been free.

In my town, Kailua, Oahu, the site for the clinic was Kainalu Elementary, where my brother and I went. It was after dark, and the line of parents and children went from the classroom, out to the playground, all across that, to the gates, and on down the sidewalk a long way.

There were 4 of us kids, and my little sister was needle-phobic and threw a tantrum of epic proportions when she saw what was coming. And you know what, Anti-Vaxxers? My mom held her tight until she got her shot.

How did ANYBODY vote for Trump? Read today's Letters page in the LA Times...

The Letters editor decided to devote the entire page today to their plaintive wails that they are not racists. That they are simply voting their wallets, and that (their) religious freedom means everything to them, and that he is protecting the unborn, and other countries need to pay their fair share, and he’s good for the country...

They self-identify as male, female, white, black — well, you get the picture. Something from every demographic in America. 70,000,000+ voters.

So deal with it. As a white woman and lifelong Democrat, I’m sincerely sick of reading that “white women” are at fault for having brought us Trump in 2016.

Just deal with it. Every single city, town, village, rural grange, university, community college, church, synagogue, neighborhood, and family has Trump voters within it.

This is a nationwide malady.

Thanks, George. I like that folk story & song in all iterations. I was powerfully reminded ...

...of the story (but did not dare tell it) while on a musical tour of Ireland some years ago. That is, we were tourists, and musicians traveling with us on the bus were giving us a tour of Ireland.

One was a fiddler name Sean, older, with white hair and skin to match. He was the whitest man I ever met who wasn’t an albino, but his chief feature was his skill with a fiddle. One night after dinner our party had a room to ourselves, and as he began to play, a woman walking by the door was drawn in as though by a thread, and she began to dance. Her feet flew, and as if he had been dared, his fingers and bow flew faster yet. She kept up, the bow transcended. She almost but not quite faltered, and kept dancing as fast as he played until he put his bow down.

In awe, all I could think was: “He played the Devil down.”

The story of this musician or that who meets the Devil at a crossroads at night to make a bargain that he (it’s always a he) will be the best of the best is (or was at one time) widely told in America. I knew that Sean had worked at his fiddle night and day in his youth to be the best of the best — but dared not mention the American folktale to this deeply Catholic Irishman.

But the awe never left me.

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