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As I recall, he did make it public, and he and Joe Biden both said they had taken actions....

...that we would probaby never hear about, as well as some we would eventually hear about.

One of the actions we have heard about in recent weeks was that the Obama admin spread all the info they had around to all of the 17 IC departments so that no one with ill intent could just bundle everything into a burn bag and destroy it. Malcolm Nance has spoken authoritatively and approvingly about these actions on Rachel Maddow's show.

First, we want an "alt-left" like we want a hole in the head....

Just be very very clear about that. "Alt-right" is what neo-Nazi white nationalists call themselves -- it's a cosmetic term for something extraordinarily nasty.

Second thing to be clear about, the extremes of left and right join themselves like (as MinMan so aptly pointed out a few days ago) like the Worm Ourobouros eating its own tail. It isn't pretty and it isn't productive of anything resembling American democratic values.

Make up all the memes you want -- in fact if you want memes just look around you any day at DU. There are plenty, with and without illustrations. Just do not invite a poisonous snake into your home and think it will be a cute pet.

Good lord, how soon we forget BushCheney and the USA PATRIOT ACT

They are the ones who gave us Homeland Security and the TSA. In fact they are the ones who renamed our nation "The Homeland." They and the GOP gave us the super-acronymic USA PATRIOT ACT.

All else follows from this. They laid the groundwork and got it all in place. Please eschew amnesia.

Your information lacks a certain something. Stein DID draw voters away from the Dems....

Hillary did not waste any time "fighting" Stein, though Stein's followers kept up a lively flow of disinformation about Hillary throughout, and I for one am neither going to forgive nor forget that.

Jill Stein is no friend of the Democratic Party nor of Democrats -- and from the looks of those dinner party photos with Putin, she's no friend to democracy, either.

As for Bernie and Hillary, there was a thing called a Primary Election, and once it was over, Hillary got down to brass tacks while Bernie continued to grumble for awhile. Some of his supporters just could not let it go, and at DU they had to be escorted off the board until they cooled off. After a decent interval, Bernie came around and campaigned for Hillary like a gentleman.

The Primaries are over. The TOS says do not continue to refight them. Be advised.

Welcome to DU. Enjoy your stay.

Blue Dog Dems represent the people who sent them to Congress, not Vermont....

That's how it works, Chasstev365. My Democratic Congressman represents my district. He doesn't represent Vermont. Our issues are really different from those of Vermont. My Congressman is not a Blue Dog, but he sure isn't an old white man from 3,000 miles away, either.

I know it's hard, but the Dem Party is a big tent, and each district is different. It would help if Bernie would behave like a friend who likes the rest of us and not like a cranky old neighbor who can't admit that anyone else can do anything competently.

ICE took a sick woman from the hospital: it's taken me days to find words...

I have to say this.

When the fucking Gestapo came for my father in law he was in the hospital in Belgium.

The doctors and nurses turned the thugs away by saying the man would die if they took him then. Then when he was a bit better the doctors and nurses gave him false papers and he disappeared into the Underground, where he fought and survived the war.

My people have been in America since about 1630. As I write this, I have tears of utter shame in my eyes for my country.

Self-proclaimed Leninist who wants to demolish the State. Read Derrida, so uses "deconstruction"

...with a straight face.

White nationalist with intellectual pretensions. Resume shows he probably was intelligent, but he looks so seedy it's hard to tell now.

Read the answers to your OP. THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS of presidential elections in this country

People are explaining it very clearly, and you keep saying "Yes, but" and variations on the theme of "Sorry, but," and just going right back to your original position.

This is tedious. We are getting a flood of newbies (welcome to DU) proposing the same things. People here are explaining the realities of the situation over -- and over -- and over.

We feel your pain. You have no idea how much we feel your pain. We have members here who got physically ill in the week leading up to Election Day. It has been Hell.

Many of us here are experienced political activists. We have outcomes we want more than anything. We can and we will work for those outcomes. What we don't want is to spin our wheels uselessly in the mud of things that are guaranteed to fail.

Bookmarked. We keep getting DUers who think this is a swell idea, & somehow feasible...

...like the fantasy of the do-over election. Ever since I learned that Louis Marinelli has an office in Russia, I've known this is another Putinesque joke on the American people. Now Texas.

Freaking wonderful. Putin is literally funding the proposed breakup of the USA.

That is a stunning accusation, and completely inaccurate. Senator Joe McCarthy & Roy Cohn....

...lived in a fever-swamp of paranoia about Communism. "Are you now, or have you ever been..." became bywords of terror. Blacklists drove artists out of work. Accusing social justice groups, labor unions, and the like of being "front organizations" was enough to drive supporters away in fear and ruin whatever they had been trying to achieve.

Christ on a trailer hitch. Rachel Maddow is reporting the actual truth as it appears, not "alternative facts." Russia, in actual FACT, interfered with our election. They had ALREADY interfered in three other national elections prior to ours. They are, in actual FACT, attempting to destabilize democratic governments across Western Europe.

How the ever loving fuck does Rachel's reporting of these FACTS, including Trump's connections to Putin, in any way resemble McCarthy's persecution of innocent people?

Trump is connected to Putin, as are his handlers. This is not something that "went on between Putin and Trump" in the past. It's happening NOW.
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